Love Tortillas and Travel

I have been craving Café Rio for years weeks. And last night we finally had the time (and an excuse to go).

cafe rio

I got the taco salad with chicken, beans and completely excessive necessary amounts of guacamole and salsa. Their taco salads are served on a freshly made flour tortilla. It was Ah-mazing, but 100x better.They’re soft and warm and doughy. I’m in rio salad

I stole a few of Ben’s chips, but opted to spend my calories (and stomach space) for the fresh flour tortilla. I devoured it in just a few minutes and then we were headed to the rio chips

I also LOVE traveling. Love it.hudson news

Anytime I go to the airport – even if it’s just to drop someone off I get this nervous excitement. I wish I could get paid to just travel the world county  and blog about it Smile 


Sleepy Monica.sleepy monica

Just Kidding!not really

I got a tiny bit of sleep on our first flight from Orange County to Atlanta. Then, we skipped the train to walk to our terminal. atlanta airportBen is such a trooper because he was super tired too, but still walked with me. hello

He was the only one though…atlanta airport terminal

I snacked on some fruit and a few bites of Ben’s breakfast before walking around.fruit caup

Specifically, I walked to terminal B for the only Dunkin Donuts in the Atlanta airport. Score! dunkin

me and iced coffee

I was super tired at this point and needed a sugar pick-me-up so I was thisclose to getting a donut. Truthfully, I have been craving a good donut for a while because I run past the most delicious smelling donut shop on most of my morning runs. But, I decided to save my donut treat for later this weekend today.dunkin donuts sandwich

I love Biscoff, but it’s no donut. Don’t worry belly, I’ll get one next time I hit up Dunkin Donuts this weekend later today.biscoff

I’m almost to Baltimore! I hope I get a boost of energy when we land – my body is begging for a nap night’s rest.

Don’t forget today at 3pm EST is the #OBandFitbloggin Flashmob!


  1. says

    I thought I commented on another post but I think my computer ate it! Anyway, I live in Baltimore and ran by the fitbloggin hotel this morinng on my long run – 7.75 miles for me, personal distance record! – I was wondering on my run if I would bump into you and thought about you giving me some running tips (I’m still a newbie!) Anyway, then I saw a girl with long red hair in a braid walking through the Inner Harbor and I wondered if it was you! I’m not a stalker, promise! Enjoy my city. Baltimore is fun for running but it can be HILLY! Let me know if you need restaurant or bar suggestions. Baltimore has some of the BEST Happy Hours around!!

  2. says

    I love travelling too! People think I’m weird but whatever I think it is exciting and fun! Glad I’m not the only one :)

  3. says

    If I lived closer to Baltimore, I’d totally come stalk you in the Inner Harbor.

    I would have gotten the donut and loved every last bite of it. :)

  4. says

    I LOVE traveling too! I’ve been flying by myself since I was 6 (to visit my dad), so I just always loved it. I know you shouldn’t buy all the expensive airport crap, but I always do. It makes travel so much more fun. :-)

    Oh, and I never use people movers. Anytime is a good time for extra excercise and the ATL and DFW airports are the best for that!

  5. Sahar says

    I get that same feeling of excitement at airports too! Love it, even though most of my travel is from norcal to socal. Can’t wait to see more of the world :)

  6. says

    I love airports too! Even though I fly a ton for work, it never gets old. My husband is embarrassed at how early I want to get to airports for flights just to take my time and enjoy it.

  7. says

    I am just like you. I oddly LOVE to travel as well. Airports are such a thrill. Its like getting ready to go on a roller coaster! :) Have a wonderful trip Monica!

  8. says

    I lived in Utah in highschool and went there probably every Friday night for 3 years. Until they built one in Denver, it was always mandatory that we stop there on my way home from the airport. I LOVE their sweet pork and if I get a burrito I snag a side of their dressing to dip. AMAZING.

  9. says

    I would love the job of just traveling around the world and blogging about it! I want to travel like Anthony Bourdain and dress like Samantha Brown. :-)

  10. says

    I totally get that same feeling at airports. My best friend thinks I’m crazy because she hates traveling, but then she’s done it a few times a year, every year, ever since she can remember in order to visit family. But all of my family lives within my own state, so I’ve only been to airports when I’m going somewhere super fun!

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