Banana Smores

This afternoon I packed up all my awesome swag from FitblogginIMG 0984 533x800 533x800 thumb Banana Smores

and said good-bye to this lovely view.IMG 0985 800x533 800x533 thumb Banana Smores

But, it wasn’t all sad – our friends Matt and Kristin came to pick us up. They and we used to hang out with them all the time when we lived out here. We are staying with them tonight wlEmoticon smile36 Banana Smores DSCN1011 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

The first order of business – lunch!DSCN1010 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

We started with the cheesy crab dip. This is not healthy in any way. But when in Rome, do as the Romans Maryland eat crab in any way shape or form that you can.DSCN1005 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

I got a salad with a crab cake. It was amazing.DSCN1007 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

Then we enjoyed the gorgeous day and walked around the Baltimore Harbor.DSCN1028 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

DSCN1014 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

DSCN1016 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

DSCN1018 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

DSCN1020 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

DSCN1021 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

Kristin is pregnant! Is it in the water or something?! With the rate I drink, I’m in trouble!DSCN1024 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

After walking around for over an hour catching up we decided Rita’s Italian Ice was the only way this day could get better.DSCN1027 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

DSCN1031 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

We headed back to Matt and Kristin’s exhausted. I was falling asleep on the drive to their place! After some down time I was ready for dinner.

The weather is too too pretty! We ate outside wlEmoticon smile36 Banana SmoresDSCN1032 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

DSCN1034 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

My plate had pasta, salad and bread sticks. DSCN1037 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

At some point Matt brought out his B.B. Gun. I have never been curious to shoot a gun, but it was right there so I tried it.DSCN1040 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

Ready? Aim. FIRE!!!DSCN1041 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

I hit the can on try #3. I might become a sniper if this whole blogger thing doesn’t work out wlEmoticon winkingsmile8 Banana SmoresDSCN1042 800x600 thumb Banana Smores

We were planning on a bonfire after dinner.The pregnant Kristin suggested S’mores for dessert. Who am I to deny a craving, right?IMG 1045 533x800 533x800 thumb Banana Smores

I had a marshmallow smore, then had a genius idea… use a banana instead of a marshallow. (Note this isn’t to be healthy, this is to be awesome as I prefer banana to ‘mellows.)IMG 1049 800x533 800x533 thumb Banana Smores

Graham crackers, melted chocolate and roasted banana…IMG 1050 800x533 800x533 thumb Banana Smores

Devour.IMG 1053 800x533 800x533 thumb Banana Smores

I pray today is not really the end of the world (and if it is that God takes me to Heaven). But if it is, I had the most awesome last day on earth!

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  1. iamgriselda says

    ok…that is a GENIUS idea! :) I have been craving s’mores lately. (I’m not pregnant though!)

  2. says

    when i was little i thought the verse, “oh say can you see” meant, literally, say the words “can you see.” it never meant sense to me … yes, i rode the short bus.
    roasted bananas & chocolate sound good but i’m all about the straight up BURNED marshmallows. i didn’t even eat the graham crackers when i was a kid. i’d just torch those pillows of sugar & scald my mouth w/ their molten lavas of loooooove. oh that sounds dirty.

  3. says

    Love the visionary arts museum! Thanks to your pic I will not have to run out and grab a dozen steamed crabs…(i’m blaming you..but it’s a good thing;)

  4. says

    All of your pictures made me really want to plan a trip to Baltimore! The banana usage instead of a marshmallow is brilliant. I think I may use a banana AND marshmallow next time. I use a reeses up instead of hershey’s already, so it’ll be a banana, mallow, pb, chocolate, graham cracker explosion! :)

  5. says

    I love making banana boats, grilling the bananas over the fire with mini marshmallows and chocolate stuffed inside. I need to go camping soon! I don’t know why but they just taste better that way.

  6. says

    Check out all that FitBloggin swag! *Jealous face*
    Banana smores sound delicious. I love bananas when they are heated up a little.

  7. Pamela says

    OMG RITA’S IS MY FAVORITE ICE CREAM EVER. We don’t have one anywhere near me, though, so it is a rare treat.

    Roasted banana s’more is simply brilliant.

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