Low Calorie Ice Cream


After work I went to the store for one thing – ice cream. (Of course, I walked out of the store with 6 things, but that’s not the point.) I was about to walk out with my usual and favorite mint n’ chip ice cream when this Artic Zero caught my eye. It is 150 calories for the entire pint of Mint Chocolate Cookie flavor! Unheard of! Review of Artic Zero Low Calorie Ice Cream: … [Read more...]

Traveling Aftermath


I loved my Café Rio burrito salad so much on Thursday that I re-created it today! I decided to get guacamole instead of my usual hummus today from Costco – this might be dangerous! My happiest day of the year = The day cherries go in season. Seriously. My inbox and my house are both in shambles. I had grand plans to be unpacked, have clothes washed and everything put away by … [Read more...]

8 Mile Run and Eating Eggs


This post is sponsored by Eggland’s Best. Hello! Ben and I made a detour to Taco Bell last night on the way home from the airport. I really should have abstained but my willpower was already asleep (like the rest of me should have been)! But, Taco Bell apparently makes for great fuel because I felt really great on my run today! I ran 8 miles in 1:10:28 with music and a smile … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up


Hello from the air! I’m currently blogging from my flight home After breakfast the boys went to do “boy stuff” and Kristin and I just hung out and caught up. It was nice. When they got back we all ate lunch together. Kristin prepared a bunch of delicious food before we came and had a ton of options for lunch. I made a big salad topped with chicken salad, chickpea and feta … [Read more...]