Rant, Run and Move On


I headed to the beach this afternoon for my running group. Their assignment today was a 45 minute workout with 6 minutes of running/1 minute of walking. They always do run/walk intervals. Despite my afternoon overeating I was all smiles. Leave the frowns at home – we’re here to have fun!!! When I got home Ben wanted to exercise, but I wasn’t in the mood for another walk … [Read more...]

I am Insane


Mid-morning I got hungry and had too many cherries while making calls and organizing my schedule. I had a meeting at work right at noon and knew I couldn’t wait till after for lunch. So, I just made it early which worked out perfectly I LOVE hummus, but guacamole on sandwiches rocks my socks flip flops. After my meeting at work I ended up doing the Women’s Health “Last … [Read more...]

An Exercise in Cleaning


Ben and I both messed with camera #2 to try and figure out the perfect settings and touch screen we decided to just return it and go back to my old camera (but a new one). This one will stick because I already “know” it. Plus it was cheaper, so there’s that This morning I woke up to a very messy house. I am totally a morning exerciser so it’s normal for me to ignore all this … [Read more...]