Café Monica

Cafe Monica

I have been pretty much obsessed with the Burrito Salad from Café Rio since we went there last Thursday night before our flight. I don’t know what it was, but I RAVED about that meal (out loud in a really embarrassing manner) the entire time I was eating and still want more!

Café Rio salad:cafe rio salad

They get points for a freshly handmade tortilla.

Café Monica salad:cafe monica salad

I get points for being VERY generous with the guacamole and being Mexican.monica mexican dancing

I recreated it again today – this time with both chips and a tortilla for carb-age. taco burrito salad

The rest of today’s eats included polishing off a tub of cherries I bought on Monday. Ben doesn’t like cherries (yes, I’m considering divorcing him over this one fact. We’re going to counseling) so it was all me. I’m not proud.IMG_0058 (800x600)

Cherries are my favorite thing. Ever.

I cut my 6 miler short today because I didn’t want to be late for an important conference call. I have work this afternoon and really need to get in that extra 2 miles at some point! See ya later Smile


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