Chocolate OR Peanut Butter

I always prefer to run first thing in the morning, but blog stuff distracted me and I didn’t realize it was getting so late. I snacked on cherries while working, but my stomach started to grumble and I had to decide – run or eat? I decided on breakfast before my run – which may make for a less than pleasant few miles, but I was too hungry to wait until after.

Does this look like modern art breakfast to you?modern art breakfast

I spread both Sunflower Butter and Dark Chocolate Dreams on my other piece of bread. I honestly cannot decide which I like better! They are both taste amazing.IMG_0050 (800x600) (800x600)

If you had to decide between chocolate or peanut butter – Which would you choose?

I’m going with chocolate


  1. says

    This is why reese’s makes peanut bitter cups so such a disicion never has to be made!

    But if I have to choose peanut butter.

  2. says

    How does one choose between two of life’s greatest flavors?!?!?! It’s the reason why Reese’s created peanut butter cups, so that they could live together in perfect, decadent, harmony. :)

  3. says

    That’s so hard to decide! I am a die hard chocolate fanatic but PB is more filling and I kind of actually like PB fro yo better than chocolate. Plus PB goes on pretty much everything, even savory things, while I have strict rules about what I like with chocolate. Please. Don’t. Make. Me. Choooooose. 😀

  4. Ida says

    probably chocolate b/c i dont really care for peanut butter. but i love almond butter and hazelnut butter- either of those would win every time. I need to try this sunflower butter

  5. says

    It’s so hard to choose. It’s kind of like having to pick your favorite child. Luckily, I have an only child, so that question isn’t too hard. However, as much as I adore chocolate, I give a very slight edge to peanut butter.

  6. Kianni says

    Peanut butter. I know I like peanut butter, versus me trying to convince myself I like chocolate due to the fact that so many other people “love” chocolate, and I feel I should..but I don’t! That’s hard to say. I do not like chocolate. I kind of like chocolate sometimes. Chocolate is not my favorite flavor. But I feel like it’s “supposed to be”.. -_-“” even though it usually disappoints me with it’s flavor. What’d be scarier is if I admit I like strawberry flavor better than chocolate. Which I am not ready to admit..kinda.

  7. says

    CHOOSE between peanut butter and chocolate???? I choose death.

    That’s a little dramatic. But seriously? I don’t think I can choose. At this moment I’d say peanut butter. But around Wednesday of next week I might kill for chocolate.

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