Orange County Fitbloggers


Hello from Orange County, California! I came back from Fitbloggin’ still high from all the fun, new friends and learning. Then, Roni sent out an email about Fitbloggin Local – an opportunity for bloggers throughout the US to make their own local groups to meet up and be friends. Super cool, right?! After a quick twitter vote, some fellow OC bloggers and I have decided to make … [Read more...]

How To Cook


Lunch – I wanted to show you how my salad bowls are like buckets in relation to the vitamin water. This is a salad beast with peanut sauce, cashews and a veggie burger. Okay, maybe the blog title “How To Cook” is misleading as I have no cooking advice to offer. I have always enjoyed cooking, but don’t consider myself a good cook. I have had a ton of cooking and baking and … [Read more...]

Thank You Thursday


1. Thank you new client at 7am. I’m glad you liked me enough to sign up even though I have no make up on and smell like the egg sandwich I ate on the drive in… 2. Thank you person who stepped in poop on the sidewalk before me. I wouldn’t have noticed it, if not for you smearing it all over the floor over the course of a 1/4 mile. Hope your day gets better… 3. Thank you … [Read more...]

Watermelon Rules


This morning I cut my run short because I had a call and some work to do. The plan was 6 miles, but I did 4 slow and painfully (because of breakfast in my belly). So today after work I decided to finish what I committed to and do another 2 miles. It wasn’t fast or fun (I’m 100% a morning runner), but I am proud of myself. I never make myself do stuff I don’t wanna. It was no … [Read more...]