Watermelon Rules

This morning I cut my run short because I had a call and some work to do. The plan was 6 miles, but I did 4 slow and painfully (because of breakfast in my belly). IMG 0059 800x600 thumb Watermelon Rules

So today after work I decided to finish what I committed to and do another 2 miles. It wasn’t fast or fun (I’m 100% a morning runner), but I am proud of myself. I never make myself do stuff I don’t wanna.IMG 0063 800x600 thumb Watermelon Rules

It was no run in the park, but I need to be accountable.

IMG 0076 600x800 thumb Watermelon Rules watermelon eater thumb Watermelon Rules

It’s Watermelon Season!!! This is my second happiest day of the year, after cherries come into season. If you’re new around here lemme fill you in -

I LOVE watermelon (and cherries) more than anyone else in the world. I buy them 2 at a time at Costco and don’t share them with anyone. It’s actually really sick (as in I eat a whole watermelon in 2 days and make myself bloated and uncomfortable). IMG 0085 800x600 thumb1 Watermelon Rules

So this year I am instituting the Watermelon Rules:

1. Monica can only buy 1 watermelon at a time.

2. Monica must not eat any of the watermelon while cutting it except for 1 piece when she starts to “check if it’s a good one”.

3. Monica must serve herself the watermelon she is going to eat in a bowl (not a bucket).

Updated: If you’re a watermelon lover such as myself check out my How To Cut a Watermelon video icon smile Watermelon Rules


  1. says

    I’m cracking up about your love for watermelon (and cherries). Why? because I might rival you in your love for them. I thought I was the only person, EVER, who could down an entire watermelon in 1 sitting. I have also been known to eat an entire bag, like, a couple lb bag in 1 sitting. I eat so many I make my stomach hurt, like bad. Why do I do this? I can’t stop. I was even dreaming of watermelon on my way to work today b/c I have one, from Costco ($3.99, holla!), on my counter that I’ve been saving. Now all Im going to think about all day is watermelon and cherries. And it’s national cherry dessert day today, so that’s not gonna help… But I get to go home to my massive watermelon, and I might just eat it all for dinner.

  2. says

    YUM! I am in the market for a running watch, would you reccomend that one? I’ve seen some others that look good but I have no idea what to look for. Help!! :)

  3. says

    You know, watermelon always looks so tasty, but I just can’t get into it! Sad. Same with cherries. Your pictures make me want to give cherries another try, though!

  4. says

    i am so with you on watermelon! i’m impressed yours even makes it to a bucket – mine is eaten straight from the rind! i’ve eaten a whole one (not personal, mini size) in a day.
    i spent the next day in the bathroom.

  5. says

    I am like you with watermelons! I just can’t get enough of them when they come in season, and could easily eat the whole thing in just one day :D

  6. says

    I am the same way about grapes. I eat them until I’m sick, there is no other option. I’m pretty bad with watermelon too, i.e. I bought a watermelon last weekend and it was gone in 3 days. I was the only person who ate it.

  7. says

    watermelon is the bomb.com and seriously the best post-race food EVER. This tiny bare bones race in MD had it last summer and I’ve longed to see it at a finish line again ever since so I was ELATED when the triathlon I did this month had buckets full of it at the race!

  8. says

    Are you suggesting that now not eating watermelon makes you happier than eating the fruit?

    This has given me the idea to eat two whole ones in an afternoon this year. Under $4 each for like 12 to 14 pounds (minus the green stuff). Sounds like a lot, but it ends up feeling like eating red water. Sort of like kool-aid and they both even come with vitamin C

  9. Nikki says

    Your watermelon cutting method is brilliant! Thanks for posting it. My husband eats a ton of watermelon so I’ll definitely be using this technique.

  10. Phebe says

    I heard on the Today Show yesterday that watermelon helps increase your skin’s natural SPF. I think it’s hard to believe, but if it makes you feel better about eating lots of watermelon, then yay!

  11. says

    Can I ask how you like your watch? I have been looking for a while and I have it down two teo garmins yours and the 310xt. Any advice??

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