High Protein Breakfast Bagel

Happy Friday!!! This week was pretty busy, so I’m happy to see the F word on the calendar today Winking smile

I started my day with a 6 mile run. I felt really slow and heavy the whole time. Not sure why since I didn’t run yesterday? Hmmmm.

As soon as I got home I had a few big handfuls of cereal while contemplating life breakfast.

I decided to use my my last Perfect 10 Bagel. I am a carbaholic, but have realized that protein with breakfast is really important for me to avoid binges in the afternoon. The good news is these bagels are packed with protein!Perfect 10 bagel

The Pros: 1 Bagel has 140 calories and 18 grams of protein.

The Cons: They taste weird. Yeah. I have been eating these for years and sometimes am willing to deal with the less than stellar taste and texture and sometimes I’m not. It’s up to you if you’d rather just have a really good bagel to satisfy a craving or if you’d rather be able to eat bagels every morning and not have to worry about pairing it with protein. Since this pack is done I think I’ll go back to normal bread for a while and add egg whites or a protein shake. IMG_4182 (800x600)

Smile! You’re my breakfast Smile IMG_4178 (800x600)

Flashback Friday!

Last year at this time Ben and I were living in Maryland and drove to New Jersey for the Princeton Reunions. It’s different, but Princeton has a reunion for it’s alumni each year – so everyone goes back and they have the biggest party! (Ben went to Princeton. It’s kinda obvious I did not, but thought I’d mention it.)monica and ben at princeton

The year before that I went to Princeton right after the bash to attend Ben’s brother’s graduation. The campus is gorgeous and the buildings have so much history. I loved it. princeton campus

Last year one of the Princeton alumni classes held a 5k and I woke up bright and early to do it. I totally forgot I could cross New Jersey off my “Run a Race in Every State” list!!!monice 5k in new jersey

Question: Do you live in an area with a lot of history?

I think east coasters are lucky to have so many historical sites. All we have in SoCal are the missions like San Juan Capistrano.


  1. says

    Yep…I live in San Francisco, the home of the unbelievably historic Golden Gate Bridge, cable car, 1906 earthquake, and Boudin sourdough bread bowl. The latter definitely measures up to Civil War battle sites in historical importance.

  2. says

    Everywhere around here is historic. The town I lived in used to be an Indian apple orchard until Englander’s cattle ate their crop. We used to take field trips to colonial reconstructions and make shitty food from scratch.

  3. Kelly says

    Despite your description the bagel spread looks very delicious!! Thanks for the heads up. Bless you for ordering fries every now & again!! I just read your Princeton Reunion post from last year that you linked and it made me feel great to know that someone else orders fries! I got to where I felt guilty for eating fries but NO MORE :-).

  4. Aleks says

    I was actually wondering if you guys were going to come for Reunions this year. I’m here for my 3rd Reunion (dragged myself all the way from Dubai), and it’s flippin’ amazing! Just checked there’s a 5k tomorrow at 8:30am… But who am I kidding, no way I am going to wake up for that after a night out guzzling cheap beer. I’m really impressed you did it!

    (P.S. Long-time reader, first-time commenter. Love your blog, keep it up!)

  5. says

    Tons of historical football tradition in my hometown! I live in Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama. Roll Tide! :) Does that count?

    I’ve gotten bagels from that company before, but I think they were another type called “alternative bagels.” They didn’t have as much protein, but they were low calorie and really good. Sorry the high protein ones aren’t that great, the stats seem so impressive!

  6. Christin says

    I’m just north of you in Santa Barbara (Goleta technically, because i’m a little more poor but whatevs…lol). SB is where JD Rockefeller and the like used to vacation, and Flying V studios here in SB was one of the very first film studios in the industry dating back to the early 1900’s before Hollywood was very big. Lots of celebs come vacation here, and then there was the soap in the 1980’s by the same name. I’ve seen Britney Spears, Seth Green, Missy Elliot, Michael Jackson, Christopher Lloyd, and Jeff Bridges (the latter 2 live here). Oprah, and Jared Leto have homes here too, but I’ve never seen them. The reason so much of the city is Mediteranean style is because free building plans were given to those wanting to rebuild in that style after the earthquake in the 1920’s. Also, lots of people get allergies here because lots of foreign plants were brought in for decoration.
    Okay, history channel lesson over…i need chocolate now. lol :)

  7. says

    I live in Riverside- the most historic thing is the Mission Inn (and no it’s not actually a “real” mission). I love modern architecture and everything that comes with it, but I really wish for some of the landmarks and museums in larger cities.

  8. says

    i live in the fort sanders neighborhood of knoxville, tn. it’s the site of the battle of fort sanders in the civil war- the battle that pretty much decided that east tennessee would be under union control for the rest of the war. now it’s the neighborhood right beside the university of tennessee where tons and tons of students live. we’re in the process of building sorority houses a little down the road, and they dug up several civil war canons in preparing the site.
    i’d love to travel out west to see some of the historical sites out there.

  9. says

    oh man talk about great stats! I think even if it tastes a little weird I’d be willing to make the sacrifice…it looks great the way you prepared it!

  10. Caitlin says

    I started a new job at the beginning of May and one of my fellow new hires just left to go to the Princeton Reunions. He was SOOO excited–it sounds like such a fun event.

  11. says

    I think everywhere has some great history, although east coasters definitely seem to have more! But I live near Portland, OR and there are tons of places to learn more about the history here.

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