Starbucks and Wine

My amazing race this morning caught up with me by noon and I was super hungry for a big ol’ lunch. My salad included a veggie burger, beans/rice and anything else not bolted down.


Fruit and trail mix followed. IMG_4344 (800x600)

Then, my mom and I hit up Starbucks to fuel our shopping trip.

IMG_4333 (600x800)

This venti iced coffee barely made a dent in my energy level. I just need ice cream sleep Smile IMG_4335 (600x800)

We were supposed to be shopping for my mom, but I found this $7 dress and had to try it on. Oh yeah, I never got why girls take dressing room pictures of themselves until today – those mirrors make you look skinny! I know it’s annoying. Sorry, can I blame fatigue? Delirium? General disregard for the opinions of my fellow woman?seven dollar dress

My mom made a big pot of beans and I took some home. I may or may not have been carrying around a baggie of beans in my purse for the remainder of the day – totally normal right?

IMG_4345 (800x600)

Dinner was a loaf of sweet wheat bread and a whole bottle of wine. I’m tired and super stressed about my new client tomorrow morning. I have a very early wake up call so I’m gonna wrap it up here and see ya tomorrow!


  1. says

    Wine and bread make the best dinners 😉

    And I HATE the way changing room mirrors make you look thinner. They’re the reason why clothes never look the same on you at home as they do in stores.

  2. says

    Good luck with your new client. I’m sure it is going to be fine.
    We also have received Starbucks at selected Casinos and Hotels here in SA recently. Did not get the chance to visit one but so want to because I too want to experience the taste of Starbucks :)

  3. Kate says

    Your day and dinner makes me feel happy about my day and dinner! And homemade beans in purse? Totally normal!

  4. says

    Throw some sort of cheese in the mix and you could just say you were emulating the Greek Gods. Words of wisdom for next time 😉

  5. says

    by some stroke of wonderful luck, my cheapo full-length mirror makes me look skinny too. i definitely think i look 15 pounds lightly than i am 😉

  6. stephanie* says

    While I am a female and am guilty of never truely being satisfied with my weight and/or the way I look, I must tell you that its not just the mirrors!! I am a lurker and love being inspired by your blog, and you are looking great! So, good job with this whole weight loss thing, even if you havent lost much your toning really well :) and you dont need to loose much anyways. So yeah! :)

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