Triple Tangent Tuesday–Cat Hair


Hello! Today I’m copying Janae from Hungry Runner Girl and doing a tangent post. This might become a new thing because I am random and this is how my brain works. Here is my version of Triple Tangent Tuesday… 1. I am in love with green smoothies. But, 80% of the reason for this is all the toppings I put on it after I take the pictures. I eat them, then I add more. And … [Read more...]

Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101


Several people have asked me How to Cut a Mango so here’s a quick picture guide. My How to Cut a Watermelon video is my favorite ever though, if this is hard to follow I’ll make a video. Let me know   Step 1: Pick the biggest mango at the store since they’re priced individually and not by weight. Make sure it’s ripe so you don’t have to wait and can eat it as soon as you … [Read more...]

Short Week, Long Day


Hello! I had to be at work at 6:30am this morning so I took oatmeal and iced coffee to go. Luckily, working with my new client had me all full of excitement so I wasn’t dragging After my client and a quick stop at TJ’s, I came home to breakfast #2 – an egg burrito. “Put some hot sauce on my burrito bay-bee!!!” Today is kinda hectic for me – I have to be back at work from … [Read more...]