Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101

Several people have asked me How to Cut a Mango so here’s a quick picture guide. My How to Cut a Watermelon video is my favorite ever though, if this is hard to follow I’ll make a video. Let me know wlEmoticon smile52 Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101 

Step 1: Pick the biggest mango at the store since they’re priced individually and not by weight. Make sure it’s ripe so you don’t have to wait and can eat it as soon as you get home.

Step 2: Figure out where the pit is – it will be flat and wide like my feet. Hold up the mango accordingly.IMG 4364 800x600 thumb Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101

Step 3: Cut down each side of the pit. Now you have 3 pieces.IMG 4365 800x600 thumb Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101

Step 4: Make cross hatch cuts into the flesh of each side of the mango and flip it open.IMG 4362 600x800 thumb Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101

Step 5: Devour one side right off the skin immediately. (This step is very important.)IMG 4367 800x600 thumb Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101

Step 6: Use the other half to top your yogurt. IMG 4371 800x600 thumb Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101

Serve with something else that will just end up being an afterthought in comparison to amazing ripe mango.IMG 4370 800x600 thumb Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101

I presented Blogging 101: Breaking into Health and Fitness Blogging at Fitbloggin last week. Since we realized many of you couldn’t attend in person I will be doing a webinar of the presentation this Friday June 3rd at 2pm EST / 11am PST. image thumb14 Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101

Please go here to register for the Blogging 101 presentation. Also, if you already saw my presentation online – send me any questions you still have that it didn’t answer. Email them to runeatrepeat at gmail


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    I have a sick love for mangos. Would you judge me if I told you I enjoy the skin as much as the fruit? It’s okay.. I judge me for it… doesn’t stop me :)

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    Thank you for this because I am the WORST at chopping up a mango. I usually manage to slice myself instead of the dang fruit. I’m awesome with all other fruits – I can slice and dice an avocado with my eyes closed, but the mango baffles me!

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    I recently saw Giada cut a mango in a new way and I’ve been doing it ever since. She slices the ends off and then peels down the length of the fruit avoiding the pit. It’s brilliant! I still have not mastered your method yet but I love how perfect the cubes come out.

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    Oh. My. Word. I think I am love. I eat like a watermelon every other day (I have a serious problem i think) but like it off the rind and in a big container. I was doing your first two steps but then individually cutting every half of a half… not anymore! I seriously cannot believe I missed this video and am going to try this tomorrow. Because I too, love watermelon.

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