Short Week, Long Day

Hello! I had to be at work at 6:30am this morning so I took oatmeal and iced coffee to go. Luckily, working with my new client had me all full of excitement so I wasn’t dragging Smile IMG_4350 (800x600)

After my client and a quick stop at TJ’s, I came home to breakfast #2 – an egg burrito. “Put some hot sauce on my burrito bay-bee!!!”put some hot sauce on my burrito baby

Today is kinda hectic for me – I have to be back at work from 10-11am, then I have a break, then work again from 3:30-4:30pm, then straight to my running group (where they are having a clinic and we won’t be running). I’ll probably get home around 8pm and die eat, sleep, repeat Smile
Question: Would you rather…

Have a kangaroo pouch with a baby kangaroo to carry around all the time


Have to live in the pouch of a giant kangaroo?


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    Cyndi brings up a good point, although I think I’d still like to live inside a kangaroo’s pouch. I bet it’s warm! And you totally skipped over the most exciting part of your day…how was your first client?!

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    short weeks almost ALWAYS have really long days. today was no exception for me! and i’d much rather wear the pouch that be carried in it. i hate having to be on someone else’s schedule, haha.

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    Pouch with the baby kangaroo for sure. It reminds me of my childhood love of kanga and roo from Winnie the Pooh.

    Also, your cup holders look remarkably roomy….I’m pretty jealous, I’m always doing the spill-the-oatmeal-on-my-clothes-while-driving-with-it-in-my-lap thing.

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    I guess I’d carry around the baby kangaroos. I’ve always been kinda fascinated on the whole marsupial/pouch process- it’s pretty neat if you think about it (*dork alert*).

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    Yeah I’d definitely rather carry around a baby kangaroo than have to be carried around. Especially since it’s wet inside! I have no desire to be all goopy. I don’t even like getting dirty as it is!

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