2011 Resolutions Update

It’s June 1st and time for me to reassess my 2011 Resolutions. For the last few years now I review my resolutions mid-way through the year and either get back on track or realize I am sinking and abandon ship.

new years someecard

 1. Run a sub-four hour marathon.

Update: Not yet. A big part of my plan to get faster is to lose weight. I ended up quitting my attempt at Body For Life because eating every 3 hours was making me a little too obsessive. But, I did increase my protein intake and feel  a lot better!

I am going to focus on a higher protein mostly vegetarian diet for the rest of the year. Going forward I’m recommitting to 2 things to get these last 10 pounds off:

1.  Only eat when Hungry – focus on Intuitive Eating. As in, eat when I’m at a 2 or 3 on the hunger scale and identify fatigue, stress, loneliness.I have to be ALL IN with this for it to work.

2. Plan 1 healthy snack for the afternoon. I am never hungry for dinner. Ever. This is because I feel a little hungry and ruin dinner with a big snack. Every day.

Training wise – I’m going to start my marathon training program in a week and a half! Ah! So you can follow along with this journey Smile

2. Make RER better.

Update:Nope, still just another random blog by some girl who loves ice cream and taking pictures of her cat. Sorry internet.

Just kidding Smile RER has already hit all my 2011 goals!!! Thank you for stopping by. Seriously, I’m so happy about this! Thank you for reading, every comment makes me smile (except for the ones calling me a c-word).

So, does this mean I can take the rest of the year off?

3. Save Money

Update:Not yet. I barely got a job as a Personal Trainer and am just starting to make money.

When I re-read this goal to Ben last night he agreed we need to do some financial planning this week.

4. Run in 6 Different states.

Update: I should have specified that I wanted to run a race in 6 new to me states, but since I didn’t I guess I can count any out of California runs?

Run: in Florida while visiting Ben’s fam.

Race: RnR Arizona

Race: Massachusetts Black Cat 10 Miler

Run: Maryland for Fitbloggin

I’m considering RnR Savannah still and need another new state run. Any suggestions? Can I stay with you??

5. No diet soda

Update:FAIL. Yes, major major fail. But, I am back on the wagon now!

6. Relationship Resolution: One date night a week.

Update: I totally forgot I was married until just now. No wonder everyone looks at me weird when I say, “My roommate Ben…”

We haven’t been going weekly, but we have been making an effort to turn off the computers and realize we live together. I’m a huge fan of that guy so we should probably hang out more Smile monica and ben at altar

Question: What were your resolutions? How are they going?


  1. says

    I love your blog because you present yourself as a REAL person who is relatable! I came to your blog like a bunch of people probably did – when you were linked on CNC a few months back. Nothing annoys me more than blogs where women eat a perfectly portioned salad for EVERY lunch and eat a freakin’ apple for “dessert”.

  2. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one whose snack turns into my pre-meal feast. Something to improve upon fo’ sho. That and intuitive eating… oh… and not spending every dollar to my name on food and clothes.

    • says

      Sarah & Monica- I struggle with this too. The RD & the ED therapist both suggested making the premeal/snack a real actual meal, and having a SNACK after the meal. Just have dinner earlier. For me that means 4:45pm. It doesn’t mean I’m a senior citizen. HAHAHA.

      Take the judgment out of having a huge snack, and re-word it, and just eat a smaller amount later.
      just an idea

      • says

        The worst part about this?? I’m about 6 months away from being an RD.. so you’d think I’d know this by now 😛 Oh well.. do as I say, not as I do.

  3. Winnie says

    Come run a race in North Carolina (more specfically, Charlotte)! And yes, you are more than welcome to stay with me.

  4. says

    Well, you actually have until July 1st until half the year is gone, but anyway…

    My goals were:
    1. PR.: Haven’t done this because I’ve only raced a couple of times, but I did PR in holding-hands-with-your-bf-5k (28:46 officially)
    2. Finish dissertation.: Check!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Start budgeting. I made a nice spreadsheet and everything, but no, I am not doing too well here
    4. Pay down debt. Did a little of this (1/5), have 4/5 to go, but I’m not in repayment mode yet.
    5. (Stable) Employment. Not yet… FML
    6. Thinking about my retirement. Did research on retirement accounts but slacked because of school pressures. Will be on the radar for summer.

    Great post! That got me thinking!! Maybe I’ll write a similar post at the end of the month (with progress by then).

  5. says

    A few months ago the bf and I started implementing a date night once a week. For the most part we’ve kept to that vow. There have been a few times here and there we had to cancel it but I think it’s really important to get OUT of the house and have a real date. Instead of sitting in front of the TV with both of us on our iPhones. 😉

  6. says

    SO if you’re ever running in Northeastern PA you can totally stay at our Inn (OK, my husband’s Inn) The Settler’s Inn. But you have to either run with me or do the Truffle Shuffle.

  7. says

    I’ll be honest–I never wrote my resolutions down! I think it’s because I knew my resolutions weren’t fully formed yet and I was still deciding. However, I’m making progress toward getting back into running after my injury, so that’s good news!

  8. Laura says

    I am new to your blog, but didn’t you just run a half-marathon PR? It sounds like you are doing great!

    I am enjoying your tweets and your blog very much an appreciate your honesty and humility. Exercising and eating with gusto are a part of my life.

    Best of luck with the resolutions. I look forward to reading about your success.


  9. says

    I agree, absolutely gorgeous wedding photo! :) I didn’t make any resolutions this year as I never EVER seem to stick to them! However I have made a few positive changes as I’ve gone along and am trying to turn them into lifelong habits! The main 4 being (in no particular order) healthy conscious eating, blogging, learning about nutrition and muay thai. I should probably add budgeting and less red wine to that list but I just can’t do it to myself! 😉 Good luck with your resolutions!

  10. Summer says

    I just found your blog throu KERF. I was so happy to see there are other women just like me. I am a mother of two little ones, working on that last 10 pounds. I LOVE to run and I LOVE food, just working on making the two go hand in hand. I trained for my first marathon ever last Summer and got the flu 12 hours before the race. I have signed up for the same race again and have started training, it is Nov. 8th here in Indianapolis….feel free to do that one, it is a great course. Can’t wait to follow your trianing!

  11. says

    I think you are doing awesome Monica! You have achieved many of your goals and you’re only half way through the year! Great job! My biggest goal was to run a half marathon and I’ve ran two!

  12. says

    i like your blog b/c you honestly talk about your struggles & it doesn’t come off as whining or bitching. it makes me feel more comfortable w/ my own issues.
    my resolution (i re-make it … and sometimes re-break it every day) is to release food from emotional ties. i get so panicky when i’m even a little hungry or i scarf the entire kitchen as soon as i walk in the door. you’ve been inspiring me with the “no eating for 30 minute” rule & intuitive eating focus. it’s not that i want to eat less – i just want to eat for hunger & not emotion/boredom/etc.
    thanks for all the hilarious/honest posts! also, your roomie looks so much different in that wedding pic!

  13. says

    You are such a beautiful bride!!

    My resolution was to not date for the whole year. I’m a binge dater. I have been successful! woo!

    Awesome recap! can’t wait to follow your marathon training :)

  14. says

    What a cute wedding picture! Like others have said above, I really enjoy your blog because you are so real – no pretense or pretension. It’s nice.

    I never write down my goals/resolutions like that, what a good idea. Maybe for 2012!

  15. says

    I love your blog, no need to change things! You have great voice and attitude.

    As for my resolutions…hmm… I can’t remember if I made any. Darn. Whatever they were, I suppose they weren’t too important! Resolution for next year: remember resolutions.

  16. says

    Did you really have comments calling you the c word? Awful!

    I resolved to run a marathon and train injury free this year and I am signed up to run the NYC one in November! We’ll see how the injury free thing goes…. (she says, typing with an ice pack on her knee…)

  17. Amanda says

    You said a big part of your plan to run a sub 4 hour marathon is to lose weight. I think I read you’ve run a 4:04. And you just set a new half marathon PR. It sounds like a sub 4 hour marathon is totally achievable for you. Right now, at your current weight. Maybe weight loss should be a separate goal.

    I hope this doesn’t sound like a negative comment, and I certainly don’t know your body, but it seems like you might be selling yourself short.

    • says

      Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for the comment, I didn’t take it negatively at all. I probably could bust out a sub 4 hour at this weight, but my knees are aching for me to lose a few and make it easier :)

      • says

        :) Miss u!!! The bf goes the the YMCA so I go there with him, I work at the UMBC gym and I go to Supreme Sports club. I am a gym whore!

  18. Danielle C. says

    Come run in Seattle! You can crash on my couch, my cats will gladly share and leave behind cat hair for you.

  19. says

    I don’t make resolutions, but I think you did great with yours. I especially love reading your blog, so you definitely did well there :)

  20. says

    Nice work on the resolutions!! I love how honest, REAL and sarcastic you are. If you lived in Iowa, we would hang out. :)
    My resolution was to live credit card free….so far- I’ve been pretty successful. There was a car/rental/accident/disaster that I had to take care of, but other than that- most frivolous spending has stopped!!

    And it’s only June- I figure we all have plenty of time to finish the year strong. Good luck Monica!!

  21. Renee says

    Your blog is amazing – it’s like you’re reading my mind most of the time and are often talking about me, instead of you. :) So glad I stumbled across it recently. Good luck & keep up the great work!

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