Early Appointments and Kickboxing

Good day! My little ol’ morning post was delayed because I had a 6am and 7am client. Then, I took Kick Boxing. I love working where I can work out Smile 

I brought along some food for the journey… coffee and pumpkin oatmeal.IMG_4400 (600x800)

This is one sleepy faced girl…IMG_4402 (600x800)

When I got home from work and KB I made breakfast #2 – egg patty and bagel thin with extra extra Sunflower Butter. Love it.IMG_4410 (600x800)

Note the Disney plate Smile Ben and I are getting passes soon! I can’t wait.

I actually have another appointment right now – so I gotta go! See ya in a bit Smile 

Question: Have you ever pretended ketchup was blood to scare your parents into thinking you cut yourself?

Yes. Yes indeed I have. I’ve also done this to Ben. God help me when I actually cut myself. No one will care.


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    I once decided that parsnips looked exactly like my fingers (when peeled.) So I made a note to myself about 4 months in advance of April Fools to pretend that I chopped off my finger using parsnips and ketchup. Genius plan, but I’m not an actress so I could only giggle-scream and it wasn’t convincing.

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    Creepy comment… but I’m impressed you let your bagel thin toast long enough to get black!! I’m so impatient. If my bread makes it to the point of being luke-warm, it’s a good day.
    And a negative on the ketchup. I must be more boring than I thought.

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    Breakfast #2 looks YUMZER! I love eggs and bagel thins. I’m not so much down for Breakfast #1 (not a huge fan of pumpkin, though I know its super good for you). I like toasted pumpkin seeds…does that count? But I do like oatmeal. Sometimes I put all natural peanut butter in it!

    And I’ve never actually used ketchup to make someone think I was bleeding. I’m a horrible faker and figured the look on my face would probably give me away…that, or I’d start laughing or something. :)

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    I have a really funny story about ketchup–when in my first year of law school, I lived with some Irish exchange students. We all went out one night, one of the girls got drunk, and started verbally abusing someone at a McDonalds at about 1:30 AM (yes, there is a McDonalds two feet from the bars). Anyway, we left the McDonalds, and this guy came out and threw ketchup at her in one of those mini paper cups! We had a heck of a time trying to find a cab after that, as most cab drivers thought she was bleeding :)

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