Marathon Week and Flapjack Friday

So, I ran a half marathon on Monday and I have another half marathon to run tomorrow. I’m not really good at math but by my calculations…

1 half marathon on Monday + 1 half marathon on Saturday = A whole marathon this week!IMG 4305 600x800 thumb Marathon Week and Flapjack Friday

I will take today as another rest day (I rested the day after the race as well) and just hope my legs don’t completely hate me tomorrow! I know some people can run 20 miles 5 times a week (and look amazing doing it) – but I’m not one of those people.

It’s French Toast Flapjack Friday!IMG 4421 800x533 thumb Marathon Week and Flapjack Friday

I used my usual pumpkin pancake recipe but upped the pumpkin a bit because I have so much of it: 1/2 eggs, 1/2c pumpkin, 1/4 chickpea flour, baking soda, pumpkin pie spice and chia seeds. This changed the consistency a bit, but it was still good.IMG 4424 800x533 thumb Marathon Week and Flapjack Friday

This is my favorite decadent (while still healthy) breakfast!IMG 4431 800x533 thumb Marathon Week and Flapjack Friday

Question: Have you ever run 2 races in one month? week? day?


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    Does a triathlon count? That’s technically THREE races in one day. :) I ran a half marathon and a 30k within a month of each other and it was awesome. You are a supreme badass for doing back-to-back halfs!

  2. says

    You’re going to be awesome tomorrow! I can feel it.
    2 weeks ago I ran the Ragnar Relay from Yale to Harvard, my parts totaled 14.4 miles, and the next morning I did a duathlon 5k run, 28k bike, 5k run. My legs were toast by the end of it, but I had a good time!

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    Nope I have never! You are one brave woman!

    But I do plan on running 2 -10km’s within 10 days of each other in July and one of those might turn into a half marathon.

    In September I do have two half marathons though! But they are almost 3 weeks apart!

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    Pretty much a year ago exactly, I did the Camp Pendleton Mud Run (10K) and then SD RnR full the next day. Most recently, I did the Fargo 5k in the PM and then the Marathon the next morning. It’s definitely not easy to race back-to-back like that. I don’t think I’ve squeezed any half-s close together than 2 weeks apart.

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    Kudos to you, great job! I have run two races the past two months. Gets addicting. Do great on your half marathon tomorrow. Two PRs in one week?!?

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    I have been on a 5k kick lately because it gets me out of bed and running on Saturday mornings. I’ll be doing my 3rd in 3 weeks tomorrow.. but I don’t think I would ever do the same if the races were longer.

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    I’ve definitely run 1 race a week for an entire month, but never the length of your half marathons. I ran 2 4 mile races, 1 5 mile race, and 1 10K all in one month. Congrats on your achievement (and those flapjacks look delish)!

  8. Chelsea @ Go Chelsea Go! says

    You are a beast woman! Go rock that marathon this week! One day I hope to be able to run like you :)

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    Good luck & have fun!!!! I am absolutely addicted to running races & try to run at least 2/month. The race fees & my hubby hold me back a bit, otherwise, I’d probably do more… which I’m sure is for the best in keeping me from getting injured… or going broke.

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    You are awesome for all that running! I ran a marathon and a metric marathon (about 16 miles) less than a month later – does that count? I also ran a 5k the week before my marathon!

  11. Kianni says

    I’ve never done any official races outside of school, but I have done many a 12 or 13 mile runs back to back. Working on getting to a marathon..but I’m injured right now, so I’ve been going at 8 miles a day so far..but got to 9 today. Yay. rest day tomorrow and am hoping I can do a normal 12 mile run Sunday- without aching after…Ah, I wish the weather was cooler, I’d so make protein pancakes tonight, but there’s usually an overcast day food for me ^_^. who knows, maybe I can like them with the sun still shining >8]

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    I did the bolder boulder its a 10k on memorial day and tomorrow I’m doing the steamboat springs half marathon, wish me luck!

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