Race Day Requirements


My race day requirements include… Pre-run fuel. A positive attitude (no matter what happened the night before). Iced coffee or a nap. Sometimes both And Ice Cream. Not necessarily in that order, but ALWAYS ice cream.   www.nataliedee.com I only get 13.1 miles per gallon of ice cream. Well, actually this week I got 26.2 miles per gallon! … [Read more...]

Fontana Half Marathon–Fastest Half in the US!


I had a half marathon this morning that is about 63 miles away in Fontana, CA. Since I had to pick up my packet and catch a bus to the start, I set my alarm for 3:45am. I crawled into bed right around 10pm. A few minutes later Ben stumbles in the door from Happy Hour/Going Away party for a co-worker. He had a few ton too many adult beverages. Long story short I was kept up ALL … [Read more...]