Fontana Half Marathon–Fastest Half in the US!

I had a half marathon this morning that is about 63 miles away in Fontana, CA. Since I had to pick up my packet and catch a bus to the start, I set my alarm for 3:45am. I crawled into bed right around 10pm.image

A few minutes later Ben stumbles in the door from Happy Hour/Going Away party for a co-worker. He had a few ton too many adult beverages. Long story short I was kept up ALL NIGHT by the peaceful sounds of an ocean breeze my “roommate” barfing. I wonder if I can evict him on these grounds?

I think I got an hour of sleep. All I know is I did not feel rested and was very nervous about my second half marathon of the week.monica is a mess

As soon as we got to the race Ben fell asleep in the driver seat and I was on my own. No, I didn’t write on his face while he was passed out but I considered it.passed outI grabbed my packet, returned it to the car and caught a bus to the starting line.

The Fontana Half Marathon starts at a campsite 2,150 feet up in elevation from the finish. So, it was a lot colder at the start then where I left the car and I didn’t take my sweatshirt. It took me a long time to warm up once we got going too.It was FREEZING! Their slogan “Run Like The Wind” is right – it was super windy too!

run like the wind

Since I just ran a half marathon where I went “all out” on Monday I wasn’t sure what my legs could do today. I hoped to PR again because it’s such an easy course, but knew that might not happen given the lack of sleep and tired knees.

Well, my Half Marathon PR only lasted 5 days! My new half marathon PR is 1:42:28IMG_4484 (800x600)

I know this is an “easy” course, but since I’m built more like a manatee lion than a gazelle I think it just evens the score. Some might say this isn’t fair or advise to put an asterisk by the time, but if we’re going to start doing that – I’m going to put an asterisk by all my races times with *over 150 pounds and still got this time…monica at end of race

I grabbed a piece of bagel and a chocolate Zico before heading back to the car where my roommate was still recovering from his hangover.

chocolate zico

We stopped at Mimi’s Café for breakfast. Ben got the seasonal Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes that rocked my sweaty face off.IMG_4492 (800x600)

I stole half of the fluffiest one. Amazing.IMG_4493 (800x600)

I got an omelet with fruit… (I like to really indulge after a race, but went with my intuitive eating signals and wanted this).IMG_4495 (800x600)

and a Cinnamon Brioche roll with vanilla icing.

This is why I run:mimi's cinnamon brioche

Question: What’s your favorite pastry?

I love muffins and cinnamon rolls and donuts (but nothing with crème filling). Oh and, Ben and I spent way too long discussing Cinnabun over breakfast…


  1. says

    wow, wow, wow!! congrats, monica! matters not if a course is “fast” – it’s a PB!!! i’d say you’re doing something right!
    again – way to go!

  2. says

    Congrats on the new PR!! 😀 And who cares if the course was “easy?” Really, running 13.1 miles isn’t easy!! Sure, some courses are harder than others, but a PR is a PR. :)

    Although that cinnamon roll looks incredible, my favorite pastry is a toasted coconut doughnut from my hometown bakery! Nothing beats it!

  3. says

    How do you not like donuts with creme filling?! Dunkin Donuts’ donuts are the ONE thing I miss since getting off gluten; I’d kill for their lemon-filled powdered donuts and Boston cream. KILL.

    • says

      I have yet to find REALLY good gluten-free baked goods. Definitely one of those things I miss! Especially since I can’t have xanthan gum either.

  4. says

    Sheesh girl, you are amazing. Congrats on another PR. Sometimes I run my best on little sleep.

    I like doughnuts, but they give me heartburn. I guess I’d choose a cinnamon roll, but I also have very fond memories of eating Entemann’s cherry/cream cheese coffee cake when I was a kid.

  5. says

    Love to see you rockin’ these 1/2’s!!! I was impressed with your “healthy” breakfast choice especially after running a 1/2, but then I saw the pastry and was like “HIGH-FIVE” you earned that. :) My favorite pastry would have to be a Boston Creme doughnut from the Nantucket Bake Shop! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. ida says

    congrats! I dont think you should asterisk any race or downplay any accomplishment.
    I love a croissant- simple but so good.

  7. says

    Congrats on the PR!

    My dh always thinks he is being super quiet if he comes home after a few but he will speak in a yelling whisper and might slam a door or bump into things. It doesn’t happen often but it’s the worse when you have to be up early the next day and it does.

  8. Christy says

    Wow, congratulations! Seriously – I look to you for inspiration to run despite my non-runners body. You rock! Can’t wait for my first half in Vegas!

    By the way, can’t believe you let Ben drive. Wasn’t he still drunk? lol What a guy for still going with you. Awww… :)

  9. says

    Wow!!! Congratulations!! That is such a fabulous half time, and so soon after the last one! I am officially impressed :)

  10. says

    I was thinking of you this morning as I was running a half marathon myself! Except it was in Kansas City, hot as balls, and was not a fast course. Supposedly one of the hardest halfs in the country with 6 or 7 very large hills, but so fun nonetheless! Congrats on your PR!!

  11. says

    congratulations! what’s that sound? oh yeah, you shattering your pr! :)
    hmm… my favorite pastry – honestly, i could pass them by. however, put me near freshly baked bread and you will need a mop to wipe up my drool.

    i’ll leave you with that pretty image. :)

  12. says

    OK, before I get into the congrats … homey drank so much he barfed? If there were warm Vodka it’s be High School all over again. But I won’t call him Bush League or anything like that …

    CONGRATS ON THE PR. Th only asteric next to that should be *Fueled by Deviled Eggs. It’s the new white meat.

  13. says

    AMAZE. Keep that medal by your side when you get down feeling and remember that medal makes your BUTT LOOK FAST!!! Great job!!

  14. says

    I love cinnamon rolls and muffins too–chocolate, chocolate chip or just regular chocolate chip. Basically anything chocolate is okay with me.

    And way to go on your half marathon!!! You should really be so proud.

  15. says

    Good job! I think I saw you getting into a porta potty, haha. I actually thought this wasn’t anymore easy than a normal one- my IT band did not appreciate the downhill curves!

  16. Jill says

    Well done, Monica.
    Do I dare admit that I don’t like pastries? Of course, before Intuitive Eating I would scarf them down just because. Warm, crusty french bread with real butter is where it’s at.

  17. says

    Way to go on your new PR girl! With only an hour of sleep that’s amazing! I don’t really have a favorite morning pastry. For dessert it is, without a doubt, cannoli.

  18. says

    Seriously- way to ROCK IT! As an observer I feel like you are really making a lot of progress (in all areas of your life) and that is leading to more confidence and better racing! Good freakin job girl. Just tried your mango trick and can’t wait to teach other people. Yum!

  19. says

    hey Monica, just wanted to say that posts like this make me KEEP your blog in my reader (for almost 1.5 years now)! Marriage is hard work and its not sexy or glamorous to stay awake to puking all night but its pretty damn cool that you tell us about it, in such a non judgmental way. Thank you. Happens to all of us :)

    Oh and PS- congratulations on the soooo non-asterisk PR!

    • Christin says

      Agreed!! It takes a lot of love and effort to get through episodes like that…but then i think about how my hubby puts up with my bs and so it all evens out I think…maybe…lol either way, the love is definitely there, and you express it in a great way!

  20. Kelly says

    Awesome race! I totally see a sub-4 marathon in the very near future with those times you are posting!

  21. Christin says

    Congratulations!! You are so inspiring! Me and my big bootie that doesn’t want to run long or fast have been given much hope…
    Maybe someday i’ll even get to the point where I can run half marathons and will join you! I’m not too far north of you that I couldn’t make it down to Fontana….there was a half marathon from Ojai to the beach that happened last weekend too…maybe I should try training for it for next year!

    I am a sucker for scones…and blueberry muffins…anything sweet and bready really…lol

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