Ask A Lot, Give A lot


I get a lot of emails from people who run because they want to lose weight but don’t want to eat to fuel their runs. I always say – When you ask a lot of your body (in the form of making it go for miles), Give a lot back (in the form of good food and good rest). I asked a lot of my body this week. Two half marathons PRs in one week! That’s ridiculous for me. Seriously, I … [Read more...]

Runner Question: Chub Rub


I scored with the Manager’s Special again yesterday! Tofu Steak for $.39! I used my super cheap tofu to make a big stir-fry. This is a more “dinner” kinda meal to me, but I have to work from 4-7ish so I made it for lunch. This way Ben will have dinner ready when he gets home too  Sometimes I’m a good lil’ wife like that. This mix had tons of onions, broccoli and peanut … [Read more...]

Pita Party


Hello and Happy Monday   Yesterday I held a Pita Party courtesy of Electrolux’s “Are You Party Ready?” campaign. A week ago Foodbuzz sent out an email asking for last minute party tips. Here is mine: “My last minute party tip is to assess the ingredients you have on hand and try to work with them. Make something simple. Also, try to make something that can accommodate … [Read more...]