Pita Party

Hello and Happy Monday Smile 

Yesterday I held a Pita Party courtesy of Electrolux’s “Are You Party Ready?” campaign. A week ago Foodbuzz sent out an email asking for last minute party tips. Here is mine:

“My last minute party tip is to assess the ingredients you have on hand and try to work with them. Make something simple. Also, try to make something that can accommodate different taste buds without too much work.”IMG_4484 (800x533)

I think EVERYONE loves pizza and if you don’t you’re probably not coming to my house anyways so my last minute party meal is Pita Pizzas! IMG_4472 (800x533)

As you know, I’m not Fancy – and luckily my last minute guests don’t expect me to be, but this meal is still delicious!IMG_4458 (800x533)

I set out a toppings bar so everyone can make their own pita pizza. This is an easy way for everyone to get what they like and leave out with they don’t.IMG_4439 (800x533)

I worked with the ingredients I had on hand too – I pretty much always have salad veggies around, but today they were repurposed for pizza toppings. IMG_4441 (800x533)

IMG_4454 (800x533)IMG_4462 (800x533)Guests of all ages love pizza! Plus, getting everyone involved in the process helps socialize the group.IMG_4447 (800x533)

Random Pita Pizza Tip: I put my toppings under the cheese so they don’t fall off.IMG_4468 (800x533)

Easy and fast – I popped the pita pizzas in the oven until the cheese was melted and they were done within 10 minutes.IMG_4478 (800x533)

Second random tip: Feel free to eat the rest of the toppings once everyone’s pizza has been built Smile IMG_4474 (800x533)

Fresh from the oven…IMG_4484 (800x533)IMG_4482 (800x533)

I also made the world’s quickest dessert with instant pudding and a ready made pie crust.instantly bad dessert

Served up with blueberries – unfortunately, it looked better than it tasted.crappy cheesecake

Quick fix – I offered everyone ice cream (something else I always have on hand). Ice cream makes everything better Smile

This morning I had a 7am client so I hit up the gym early to get in a strength workout for myself. Fuel for the journey – SB&J (sunflower butter and jam). early morning eats

I was there until about 10:45am and came home HUNGRY, but didn’t want to eat lunch that early. So I made a smoothie and ate some watermelon to hold me over.IMG_4528 (600x800)

I’m headed to Florida on Wednesday night – not sure if I mentioned that yet! So, I have a ton to do before then!! I will still be blogging regularly while away, sorry you guys don’t get a vacation from me that easy Winking smile

I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon and 2 fitness assessments for later too. I’ll see you in a bit!

Question: What’s your favorite pizza topping?

I love tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, but if I had to pick 1- I’d probably go with onions.


  1. Winnie says

    I’ve found that the cheesecake pudding is way tastier (and a better texture) if you use nonfat yogurt instead of nonfat milk…I also usually put lots of berries on top of the “tart”, which gives it a nice texture.

  2. says

    Does extra cheese count? I really love a soft cheese like goat or feta, in addition to the mozzarella. I also love red onion and red pepper. Clearly, I’m bad at picking one favorite.

  3. says

    Whole foods has the good pizza topping selection. My two favorite ones are roasted veggies (which includes yams in addition to the regulars like peppers, onions and zucchini) and turkey sausage. Those pita pizzas look delicious and so quick and easy to make! I will try them out for the next gathering at our place.

  4. says

    my favorite pizza topping? red pepper flakes! they’re a must!
    but i HATE cheese (even nondairy) i just don’t like the taste. extra sauce & ‘shrooms for me, please!

  5. says

    Mushrooms and olives are my favorite pizza toppings.

    When I first read the title of your post, I thought it said PITY party and I was bummed because I thought you were having a bad day. Guess I just need to read more carefully. :)

  6. Lea says

    Floor fruit basket! never seen anything like that before, How many times a day do you trip over it and spill grapefruit everywhere :) pita pizzas are a great idea, thanks!

  7. says

    so what kind of pizza sauce and cheese do you prefer on your pizza? fat free seems to have trouble melting and i’ve used light ragu for sauce before but its just not the same.

    • says

      This time I used Tomato Paste and added spices – I think it makes it so much better. I never use fat free cheese anymore because I don’t think it tastes like cheese or melts. Most mozzarella is part-skim and not too bad calorie wise.

  8. Shir says

    Believe it or not I love corn and green olives. It’s popular in the middle east and mediterranean

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