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How’s your day going?

Mine’s good Smile My 11am personal training client cancelled so I’ve been able to catch up on some blog and writing work. I used to work from home a few days a week as a recruiter. Since my boss would send passive aggressive emails I had someone to answer to I was really good about getting my work done. But, now that you are my boss I feel like I’ve been slacking. Someone should write me up. www.nataliedee.com

After KB I came home for a bucket ol’ salad.

IMG_4528 (800x533)

I never make myself eat salad. I love salads! Especially my everything and kitchen sink salads!IMG_4529 (800x533)

I put a veggie burger on a bed of veggies with hummustard. But, I had to use our last 2 packets of ketchup – we’re all out! Tragic, I know.salad close up

Last night Ben and were talking about how eating vegetables and being active are easy for me (as in they’re part of my life and don’t take a ton of extra effort at this point). But, NOT snacking is really hard for me. I have a lot of healthy habits, but the few unhealthy ones I have are very strong.

When people ask me how to eat healthier or how to run more I always give advice that builds small good habits at a time. I think I need try this on myself and write myself an email like I’m a reader – then give advice.


Have you ever written yourself an email (or letter)?

I’m doing one today :)

Blogging 101 – The webinar is now available online! Check it out and feel free to leave questions in the comments or email me.


  1. says

    I always write myself emails as reminders to do things – like make dentist appointments or renew my car registration. Super lame, I know but it works for me!
    Salads are a favorite of mine and I think it’s because I can add so many different varieties of veggies & fruits, toppings, and dressing. It takes a lot of salads for me to get sick of them!

  2. says

    I totally agree with you when you said “When people ask me how to eat healthier or how to run more I always give advice that builds small good habits at a time.” I definitely give advice on my blog about making healthy substitutions…easy steps towards building healthy eating habits. If you totally give up food of make yourself eat a salad, it’s going to make you miserable! :)

  3. says

    i’ve written myself tons of letters. i stalked myself for awhile, but i got a restraining order.
    i also “sext” myself sometimes.

  4. Ella says

    Hi Monica! Congrats on your job as a personal trainer! I was wondering – do you get paid on commission, like per appointment? And does the gym set up your appointments or do you have to wrangle them yourself? Are your clients looking to lose weight, tone up, or what? I’m not sure why I am so curious but it just seems so intriguing. Would love for you to talk more about it!

    Also, I was wondering if you’re still thinking of going the RD route?

  5. says

    Hahahah love the pictures… I wrote myself a letter the day after 9/11 so I could remember where I was and what I was doing. Other than than, I think I wrote one as a freshman to myself as a senior in high school, but I don’t remember thinking it was anything special when I read it on graduation day. HOWEVER, I was smart enough to slip a $20 inside. That made the letter memorable.

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