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Hello! Sorry for the delay – I had 2 morning clients. Since I wanted to get a run in first I woke up bright and early! IMG_4558 (800x600)I haven’t ran since Saturday to give my muscles a rest, and still felt very tight today. I have a big knot in my right hamstring that almost turned into a major cramp. I stopped 2 times on the run to stretch it and prevent a Charley Horse. This has only ever happened to me once before (during my marathon) so I’m not sure how to fix it? But it still feels super tight and I don’t have a full range of motion in that leg Sad smile

I grabbed breakfast on my way out the door – pumpkin oatmeal with Sunflower Butter and a side of cat butt.IMG_4559 (600x800)

Eaten on my 5 minute drive to work. I didn’t finish the coffee and promptly spilled it all over my car when I was done with work. #MajorFailIMG_4562 (600x800)

After the gym I headed to tan. How very Jersey Shore of me, no?jersey shore(source)

But, I don’t do the tanning beds – I do Mystic Tan (the spray tanning).IMG_4580 (600x800)

If you’re unfamiliar – it’s a booth that sprays you with tanner. You get in completely naked and are sprayed back and front with poison that will kill you, but make you look healthier at the same time.IMG_4567 (600x800)It sets in a few hours after the spray so I still look the same for now. It will slowly darken over the next few hours. IMG_4566 (600x800)

After my tan I considered doing laundry, but opted to get my nails done instead Smile Hey, I spilled iced coffee all over my car – I needed some indulgence.IMG_4583 (600x800)

I went with a light pink this time since they will be chipped in 2 hours or less. Hopefully, this color will make it less obvious.IMG_4587 (800x600)

Now it’s time for the final “L” in my GTL day – Gym, Tan, Lunch!


  1. says

    sounds like you need a foam roller for that hamstring. It hurts – but it’s a good hurt. Well, sometime I nearly cry from pain when I’m doing it, but it does really help and you feel better afterwards! It’s like your own cheap deep tissue massage. I find it the worse when I use it on my IT bands, yowza!

  2. Shanna says

    Definitely agree with Suzi – use the foam roller! I’ve had recurring hamstring problems for the past few years and buying my foam roller was one investment that has definitely paid off. I put it on the floor and then sit on it and roll back and forth. Hurts so good!

  3. says

    love the spray tans! i always feel so dirt right afterwards…i feel like i have mud all over me haha…but then you shower and look amaaaaaazing!

  4. says

    Oooh, spray tanning. I love that idea. Except I will probably never do it, as I doubt it’s available in my neck of the woods. Your wedding/engagement rings are beautiful!

  5. says

    Does your mystic tan “stick”? I had one done on a trial basis just before my wedding and mine washed off within a few days. But maybe you have to get a few to get them to stick? I didn’t really want to ask the people at the tanning place because I figured they would try to get me to come back regardless.

  6. Jen G. says

    I haven’t done the Mystic Tan — but even if it’s “poison that will kill you,” it’s still better than skipping the SPF!

  7. says

    I totally laughed at the “side of cat butt” you had with breakfast :)

    And I never pain my nails any dark colors, it’s just not worth the effort when they chip so fast.

  8. Chrissy says

    Loved the GTL. This post made me think back to the episode of Friends when Ross had a huge mishap in a tanning booth and turned orange. :)

  9. Orla says

    Weren’t you worried that the lotion in the mani/pedi would rub off the Mystic Tan? I use lotion after tanning to dilute it in areas like my elbows/ heels/ wrists so I saw this and thought OMG white hands! Or did you only let them touch your nails? 😀

    • says

      No, I was totally not worried. I’ve been getting Mystic for years and know the drill :) I think it tends to get too dark on my hands anyways, so I didn’t figure it would hurt too much. Now that it’s been almost 24 hours, I can see that it didn’t do too much damage – probably made it less obvious actually!

  10. says

    I’d like to comment on the sapphires as well. I have them in my engagement ring, too!! But it’s because I love blue, nothing to do with my birthstone (which is opal for October). YAY SAPPHIRES!

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