Fiery Florida


This afternoon Ben and I headed to his brother’s house for some pyro-technics. They have different hobbies in Florida than in California I guess. I stayed far away from the fun fire, but not far from the bugs (as the bites around my ankles prove). Just when I was convinced the guys were going to blow their fingers and eyebrows straight off, the rain decided to call us … [Read more...]

Give Us a Minute Alone


By the time we got to Ben’s parents and caught up with everyone it was noon. I wanted to run, but know the Florida heat can kill be brutal. I did 3 slow miles. They were mostly slow because I still have a knot in my left hammy. It hurts. I stretched it out while eating watermelon and a chocolate chip cookie. Note the birthmark on my left shin in case you have to identify my … [Read more...]

Meals and Miles to the Airport


I made it to Florida! After another red eye – Ben and I are once again on the east side of the US Luckily, I did get some sleep on the overnight flight so it wasn’t too bad. LAX has the “naked scanner” as I like to call it. I opted for a pat-down since I’m conflicted on this situation. It was no big thing at all. I was ready for a gyno exam and was delighted to find out it’s … [Read more...]