Fiery Florida

This afternoon Ben and I headed to his brother’s house for some pyro-technics. They have different hobbies in Florida than in California I guess.IMG 4639 800x600 thumb Fiery Florida

I stayed far away from the fun fire, but not far from the bugs (as the bites around my ankles prove).IMG 4641 600x800 thumb Fiery Florida

Just when I was convinced the guys were going to blow their fingers and eyebrows straight off, the rain decided to call us inside.

Perfect timing since I was also hungry by this point wlEmoticon smile16 Fiery Florida IMG 4644 800x600 thumb Fiery FloridaDinner was another mish-mash of everything on the table: flat out crisps, beans, potato salad, chicken salad and brussel sprouts.IMG 4645 800x600 thumb Fiery Florida

We hit up Publix this afternoon and I spotted these new-to-me / not-available-in-California – Flat out crackers! I liked them wlEmoticon smile16 Fiery FloridaIMG 4648 800x600 thumb Fiery Florida

I enjoyed some watermelon too…IMG 4647 800x600 thumb Fiery Florida

But, since fruit isn’t dessert I also had 3 chocolate chip cookies. I went overboard tonight and will make smarter choices tomorrow.IMG 4649 600x800 thumb Fiery Florida

But today was for cookies!

LSD oreos Fiery Florida


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    I love going to grocery stores in different areas and finding all the goodies you can’t get elsewhere. It’s like a strange strange hobby of mine…

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