Give Us a Minute Alone

By the time we got to Ben’s parents and caught up with everyone it was noon. I wanted to run, but know the Florida heat can kill be brutal. I did 3 slow miles. They were mostly slow because I still have a knot in my left hammy. It hurts.

I stretched it out while eating watermelon and a chocolate chip cookie. Note the birthmark on my left shin in case you have to identify my body.IMG_4619 (800x600)

After the run I took a picture in front of trash can, because I like to class it up every now and then. I smelled worse than that trash though, trust this.trashy run

After some quality time stretching I made lunch. Ben’s mom always has the most amazing salads on hand. Today she had chicken salad and potato salad (both drenched in mayo and containing nuts and dried fruit). I try to lessen the caloric damage by using them as toppings and dressing to my salad SmileIMG_4626 (800x600)

While out running errands I begged in the most embarrassing way asked if we could stop at Dunkin Donuts.IMG_4632 (600x800)

Give us a minute alone, please.IMG_4635 (600x800)


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    Gahhh I fell you on the heat!! I’m in mid AL and it’s 104* and I can only imagine how FL must feel! Major props to you for actually runningin that heat. I’m way too chicken to force myself out past 7 AM

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    I know you are total iced coffee girl..but have you tried their frozen hot chocolate? I get it with extra ice and skim mile..HOLY CHOCOLATE COW!!!

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    i cannot even imagine going for a run outside right now. i walk fifteen minutes to the summer class i notetake for, and i’m drenched in sweat by the time i get there (in tennessee).

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