Meals and Miles to the Airport

I made it to Florida! After another red eye – Ben and I are once again on the east side of the US Smile Luckily, I did get some sleep on the overnight flight so it wasn’t too eyes give you red eyes

LAX has the “naked scanner” as I like to call it. I opted for a pat-down since I’m conflicted on this situation. It was no big thing at all. I was ready for a gyno exam and was delighted to find out it’s barely more than a handshake. Just sayin.airport-security-difficult-stay-closet-somewhat-topical-ecards-someecards

Since we flew into Tampa, I was determined to meet up with my favorite Orlando Tampa blogger, Meghann! She picked us up from the airport. Thanks Meghann :)meghann and monica bloggers

The first stop at any blogger get together is food! We went to Datz.datz in tampa

We had a lovely tempting view of the pastry case from our upstairs table. Yes, I hear you cookie. Please stop calling my name.IMG_4605 (600x800)

Ben and I shared the Madame Croquet. It was a massive ham and cheese sandwich topped with an egg.datz breakfast sandwich

It was hard to capture the beauty of this crazy sandwich in a dimly lit restaurant, but it was packed with ham and cheese.datz breakfast

Ben’s family lives in Florida (where he was born and raised), this is the reason for this  trip. It’s actually an annual summer vacation to their time share. His mom and dad came to pick us up from Datz and wisked us away to eat again. (The drive is almost another hour and a half from the airport.)family at cracker barrel

My stomach has been bothering me since we got off the flight, so I didn’t order anything. But, I couldn’t resist stealing one of Jill’s (Ben’s mom) blueberry pancakes! cracker barrel blueberry pancake

We don’t have Cracker Barrel in California. This means we’re officially on vacation!monica and ben at cracker barrel

I’ll share more in a bit, but I’m all jacked up on caffeine and syrup right now. See ya soon Smile

Question: What makes you feel like you’re officially on vacation?

Ben says vacations mean beer with breakfast. I don’t know about all that, but I won’t turn down a mimosa Winking smile


  1. says

    Welcome back to the East coast!! Ah sweet vacation!! It’s official when a frosty beverage is in hand and toes are in the sand :-)

  2. Corinne Belmonte says

    I know Im on vacation when I can’t remember what day it is. What is Cracker Barrel?? I’m from Montreal so I wouldn’t know…

  3. says

    I know I’m on vacation when I stop feeling guilty about eating (unhealthy) meals out. And when I make no effort whatsoever to fold my clothes or make my bed. Have fun in Florida!

  4. says

    Vacation = not making the bed in the mornings and leaving toiletries out on the bathroom countertop – – two rules immediately broken from “at home” life.

  5. says

    Have fun in FL!! I’ll be down in St. Augustine next week for a wedding, and I’m starting to get excited for the trip!

    Also, FYI–the link in Meghann’s name in the post goes to instead of Just thought you’d want to know!

  6. says

    Cracker Barrels are exciting for me. I think this makes me a nerd. I don’t know if I’ve eaten there more than once but it reminds me that I’m not home anymore.

    Mimosas.mmmmm have fun!

  7. says

    Cracker Barrel used to make me think I was on Vacation, but now I have one right down the road from me. Too bad I never find time to go anymore!
    I guess now vacation is marked by long car rides and hotel check-ins.

    Have fun in Florida! I’m in Tampa while I go to USF, and I love it here!

  8. says

    Um um um! I was one of Datz’s FIRST employees, when the building was still an empty shell!!! And then I moved to OC, and missed Datz’s.

    On vacation = waking up naturally at 6:30am, instead of hitting snooze and cursing my 7 am wake up for work time.

    Enjoy the humidity!

  9. says

    What is it about vacations that call for EXCESSIVE alcohol consumption?? My vote for what makes a vacation= margaritas or mojitos. And when I’m SUPER in “vacation mode” pina coladas happen at an embarrassing rate.

  10. says

    HOLD THE PHONE…you don’t have DD or Cracker Barrel??? Why did you move back to CA again??? lol….oh that is right…snow isn’t your thing…It was 102 today in my car…UGH!!

  11. says

    I know it’s a vacation when I don’t have my day planned out. On vacation I’m much more likely to go with the flow. Although I do still have to plan out some things; I can’t be too far away from allergen-free food!

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