Don’t Be Crabby, You’re At The Beach

I started today on a wild goose chase trying to find internet. By the time we got internet it was 8am and 80 degrees with 90% humidity. I scaled my run down to a 4 miler and was DRENCHED by the end. I ended up running to see the group fishing Smile IMG_4725 (800x600)

IMG_4726 (800x600) IMG_4729 (800x600) IMG_4730 (800x600)

When we got back I dug into my smoothie powder stash. I brought baggies of them separated into scoops.IMG_4732 (800x600)

In ya go!IMG_4734 (600x800)

Topped with fancy granola-y cereal.IMG_4738 (800x600)By this time it was around 10am and decided my smoothie should be paired with PB&J.

IMG_4735 (800x600)

Then, Ben and I went to try and play tennis. We don’t actually know the rules or how to serve, but we tried.IMG_4745 (800x600)

And then I hit the ball over the fence. IMG_4741 (800x600)Twice.IMG_4742 (800x600)

I did finally catch on and it was fun though!IMG_4743 (800x600)

In my dreams I am Serena Williams Smileserena williams

Lunch was a random mix of quiche, veggie burger, hummus and veggies. Plus a cookie, because you know…IMG_4749 (800x600)

For my third costume change of the day I hit the beach.IMG_4756 (600x800)

IMG_4752 (800x600) IMG_4753 (800x600)

Ben stole my sombrero!IMG_4754 (600x800)

The lady in the hotel store was really selling these Magnum Almond ice creams so we got one.IMG_4759 (800x600)

I’m going to say the Emperor has no clothes on this one. It was just a normal ol’ ice cream covered in chocolate and almonds. Nothing special.IMG_4761 (600x800)

IMG_4757 (800x600)

Internet is working again! I’ll be back later Smile


  1. says

    Where are you staying!? I love Marco Island SO much and (like Ben) have been going since I was a baby! Walk down to the Marriott if you get a chance! It’s gorgeous :)

  2. says

    true story: i once knew a man who had “magnum” … “wrappers” and, yeah, that was nothing special, either.

    true story: i gave all my effort into playing tennis one summer because i like the outfits. i got hit in the head with the tennis ball. now i just wear the skirts out and about.

  3. says

    Ow owww I played tennis today, too! Love that sport. Something else I did today?? Make your protein french toast :) Blogging about it tomorrow morning!

  4. Aleks says

    You should try the Double Caramel Magnum, that’s their most indulgent one. It has 2 layers of chocolate with caramel in-between. I got one yesterday (great minds ;)); though by the time I got back from the grocery store, it was completely melted (Dubai weather = 105 degrees, ugh).

    I guess I have a soft spot for Magnum, because I grew up in Poland in the 90s, and Magnum was the ‘adult ice cream’. Their commercials were really racy! I obviously didn’t understand them, since I was in 2nd grade. Plus, I could never convince my parents to buy one as it was 3x more expensive as any other ice cream.

  5. says

    There has been so much hype about these Magnum bars since they hit North America. Interesting to hear that it didn’t blow your mind..although I did hear good things about the one with caramel. I think I’ve just given myself an excuse to try it haha.

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