Hi! Today was super fun. Ben and I went for a drive around the area to explore. everglades

We drove by a turtle crossing the road and had to stop! (Yes, I’m totally a tourist and don’t get this stuff in California.)turtle in Florida

I jumped out of the car to challenge the turtle to a race.IMG_4767 (800x600)

The Tortoise and the Red HareIMG_4768 (800x600)

But, I’m so slow… she beat me Smilethe tortoise and the red hare

The important thing is, I did my best and had fun – plus I made a new friend!IMG_4770 (800x600)

We hit up the movies this afternoon to see Super 8. It was really good, but a little intense for me. I can’t handle suspense or thrillers!Marco Movies

Ben and I walked the two blocks to the movies because the weather was PERFECT. We tried to guess what temperature it was and Ben decided it was…

“Heaven-dee-two!” I totally agree.Ben and Monica at movies

My eats on this trip are not photogenic at all. But, they are delicious!IMG_4782 (800x600)

I’m off to play cards with Ben Smile See ya in the morning.


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