Too Much Food, Just Enough Fun

Ben’s sister was making veggie juice when we went over this morning so I scored a big glass of carrot/cucumber/bell pepper/celery juice! Love.

IMG_4673 (600x800)

Then, I canceled out all those nutrients by stealing half of Ben’s fries when we went to Wendy’s.IMG_4676 (600x800)

I wasn’t really hungry, but got a side salad to keep my mouth busy. But, if not for this I would have eaten all the fries.IMG_4677 (800x600)

Today we headed down to Marco Island, FL! Ben’s family has been coming down here since he was a baby (they have a time share). This is my third time coming with them. Here are posts from last year Smile

It’s getting to be a fun little tradition for me too.

Since there are so many of us, sleeping options are tight. Ben and I are sharing this room. IMG_4679 (800x600)I’d like to think it’s “I Love Lucy” style beds. God forbid we see a married couple together in bed!lucy and ricky in bed

This place has a full kitchen which means I’m never far from food. I know you I was worried. Most would see this as a good thing, but it only gives me more opportunity to be “on vacation” with my diet.IMG_4680 (800x600)

As soon as we got into the room I made a big salad topped with random things we brought along. Cheetos croutons were added after the picture Winking smile

IMG_4690 (800x600)

Being on vacation means almond M&M’s for lunch dessert (if you don’t have access to vodka).IMG_4691 (800x600)

I’m a big drinker. Unfortunately, this is water. Also unfortunate = I have no idea why Ben took this picture or why I’m posting it.IMG_4693 (800x600)

Finally! It seems like it was an all day production to get to this beach!IMG_4694 (800x600)

I bought this sombrero for 10 bucks yesterday in anticipation of the sun. Highlight of my day trip SmileIMG_4697 (800x600)

This is a weight loss blog, and I have weight loss goals (that are somewhat on hold during vacation) and want to change things about my body. But, I never stop living my life until I lose those 10 pounds. Life is short and just in case this is as good as it gets, enjoy what you have now!IMG_4698 (800x600)

Dinner was noodles in a creamy butter sauce. This vacation I’m just trying to enjoy the food everyone else is eating and not overdo it on portions except when it comes to cookies.IMG_4708 (800x600)

It’s Ben’s mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Jill!!!IMG_4715 (600x800)

Instead of cake we celebrated with cheesecake.IMG_4713 (800x600)

I shared a piece of the turtle cheesecake with Ben. But, I have bad news for my fellow Miami beach retiree roommates (a la Golden Girls) – I’m not a fan of cheesecake. Can we have chocolate cake instead?IMG_4719 (800x600)

Updated to add: I wrote this post last night, but am posting it in the morning because the hotel internet is not working. I will have to post from Starbucks for the rest of the trip. Luckily, there’s one just down the way Smile

Sorry for the delay! Have a great day!!!


  1. says

    Haha I love that cheesecake… it’s like a work of art. Remember to have a LITTLE bit of a vacation with your diet. It’d be a shame if you went to FL and didn’t indulge a bit in their local food. Key Lime Pie is something I NEVER pass up while there.

  2. Angie Mae says

    Oh I totally LOVE Marco Island… my husband is an engineer and they’ve worked for the city a lot. that means more trips for me too! :) So jealous that you’re there right now! Thankfully it’s also only a couple of hours from where we live so maybe these posts will inspire a little trip for me :)

    Enjoy your trip!!

  3. says

    I just stumbled upon your blog. I love your posts :) and I love your outlook – it’s true even though we have goals it doesn’t me we should stop living our lives to achieve them! Have a fun trip!

  4. says

    I love that you said that even though you’re not where you want to be with your body, you’re not going to stop living your life. That’s something I’m trying to keep in perspective for myself as well. We only live once–might as well live the way we want to live!

    And FYI–you look AMAZING. I’m not just saying so, if it wasn’t true I wouldn’t say anything about it. It’s fine to have goals for yourself but in the meantime, you look great so don’t ever let those 10 lbs you want to lose get you down.

  5. says

    not to sound like a gushy-groupie, but i really like the way you live your life. i want to be less strict with myself. it’s so hard b/c without my “rules,” i feel so out of control. yet, eating intuitively (w/out rules) is actually a much more controlled way to nourish yourself!

  6. says

    i LOVE marco island! we took a family vacation there when i was a teen, condo on the beach, then last summer i took a day trip over, just to revisit for old times’ sake…it is SUCH a gorgeous spot.
    enjoy your vacation time!!!

  7. says

    First off, girl rock that bikini! You look great!
    Second, LOVE the hat! I approve!
    Third, even though I’ve lived in Florida for almost my entire life, I’ve never been to Marco Island! Looks beautiful! Enjoy your trip!

  8. says

    Woohoo for vacations!! Enjoy yourself.

    Glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like cheesecake.. but I must admit I do like the frozen yogurt cheesecake flavor!

  9. says

    You look so cute in your bikini! It’s kinda funny that you said sleeping options are tight so Ben and you are sharing a room. Lol if there had been more rooms would you guys each be in your own instead? : P

  10. says

    You…don’t…like…cheesecake? Sorry, my mind is trying to wrap around a person not loving this confection :) I’d be too busy wondering how I can score a sliver of each flavor. That’s why I hate it when people bring multiple flavors of something. How am I supposed to get to try each one without gorging on them all? Geez, people.

  11. says

    I’m sooo going to be one of those annoying people asking where you got your swimsuit from, just in case you bought it last week and the place your bought it from still sells it because it’s freaking adorable. :)

    Glad you’re having fun!

  12. Katie P says

    Enjoy the vacation and have some fun in the sun (while wearing sunscreen). You look aMAZing and you’re rockin’ that bikini! I love your positive outlook on life and its challenges.
    Wish I lived in SoCal so you could be my personal trainer. I am trying to get into running but I am frustrated how slow I am and how hard it is for me!

  13. danica says

    “just in case this is as good as it gets, enjoy what you have now.” I LOVE THAT! it’s so true.
    i also love that swimsuit on you! we have the same body type, and i happen to think it is the BEST body type! :)

  14. Colleen says

    haha! i was going to ask where you got your adorable bathing suit but already found my answer in the above comments! i love it!!!

  15. cait says

    monica you look so SO good! i dont wanna sound like a total creeper here….i just love your blog and your outlook! i actually weight a bit less than you but i do NOT look that good in a bathing suit – not at all! you look fab. it just shows you that exercising and eating good food means a whole lot more than being skinny/weighing less…….for real girl, do your thang.

  16. Ella says

    hahaha, I love that Wendy’s tries to make their fries seems healthy by saying “natural-cut fries with sea salt.” Oh the lengths fast food companies will go to…

    I will also come clean as someone who is not a big cheesecake fan either. I just don’t understand the obsession!

  17. Tania says

    I totally appreciate your attitude and your goals, but gurl, your body is bangin’. I just hope you realize this! For me I didn’t realize it til I gained a bunch of weight and then saw old photos of myself, and thought, oh wow, I guess I was thin! Lol

    Anyhow, great attitude, great bod, enjoy it and your vacay!

  18. Lorin says

    I like your attitude too. I know you want to lose 10 lbs, but you look great and I don’t really see why you think you need to lose! However, it’s your body and you know how you feel at a certain weight. Have fun at the beach and with family!

  19. says

    Great post! But I’m so very sad to learn that your super cute bikini is from Target…because it means I can’t get one. Damn you Canada!!

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