Malibu Black


I don’t know if I’m late to this party, but - Did ya know Malibu Rum makes Malibu Black now? It’s 70 proof, but still as good. Just more strong so you “can do more with less” if ya know what I mean I’m Monica Olivas some random blogger and I approve enjoy this product Ben and I spent half the day in the pool and the other half in the ocean. I hope I don’t turn into a … [Read more...]

Running On The Equator


I went for a run on the equator Marco Island this morning. Pretty sure it was 85 degrees with 100% humidity. I almost died. But, then I remembered we were going to a buffet for breakfast. So I dusted myself off and decided to live another day eat another big meal 6 slow miles on the equator should be celebrated with iced coffee. Ben and I took pictures in front of the … [Read more...]