Three Things Thursday


Sorry for the delay – I did an Ask A Monican video today but You Tube took over 5 hours to upload it and dominated my memory card. It’ll be up tomorrow I think my volume eating belly missed having a big salad for lunch today because I was hungry ALL DAY. I had snacks. And made up for volume with a big ol’ salad at dinner. I’ve been craving beans in a scary way. I think I … [Read more...]

Thank You Thursday–Monica Loves Coco


Hello, I had a packed morning schedule today and just got home in time for lunch and some quality blogging time. I made Sunflower Butter & Jelly toast with an egg patty for breakfast. Don’t let the plate fool ya, I totally ate this in the car after this picture was taken.It’s Thank You Thursday – a time when I get to thank all the cool stuff in my life. Thank you I Can’t … [Read more...]