Three Things Thursday

Sorry for the delay – I did an Ask A Monican video today but You Tube took over 5 hours to upload it and dominated my memory card. It’ll be up tomorrow Smile

I think my volume eating belly missed having a big salad for lunch today because I was hungry ALL DAY. I had snacks.

And made up for volume with a big ol’ salad at dinner. I’ve been craving beans in a scary way. I think I have an iron deficiency. (See: my hypochondria)IMG_5001 (800x533)

My new life has me super overwhelmed this week. So, I’m trying to remind myself of the things I love right now.

1. Calling Friends after work to decompress Smile It’s almost as fun as coming home and eating cookies. Almost. IMG_0106 (600x800)

2. “Peeker” parking spots! So much easier to leave when you’re in a peeker.IMG_4981 (800x600)

3. The fact that so many of you wanted a Run Eat Repeat sticker I’m now trying to see how much ordering a ton more would cost. IMG_4965 (800x600)I’m going to respond to the winner’s comments with “Send me your address” by Friday afternoon. But I plan on ordering them in bulk to make it super cheap for everyone else. I’m thinking $1.50 to cover cost?


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    It’s amazing how when we have amazing opportunities occur for us, we are so happy but yet so overwhelmed at the same time. It’s a good kind of stress but stress is still stress. You’ll balance it all out soon! :)

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    ok … I’ll buy one :(

    Are Vitatops the protein cookies? I used to buy those when I lived in Newport, but I can’t remember the name. I pretended to be healthy by putting “lowfat” frozen yogurt on top … I don’t know if that really counted, though.

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