Big Girls Don’t Cry


I can’t pinpoint the reason yet, but I’ve been hungry all afternoon lately. It might be hormones, might be stress. I’m looking into it. Anyways, I made the most massive smoothie with cereal to fill up my bell-ay. These things fill up 2 whole glasses. Always.After picking up my car from the repair guy (we got off easy this time). Ben and I had a lil date night. We walked to a … [Read more...]

Ask A Monican #11 and Volume Needed


Here is Ask a Monican #11 Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers... 1. Why don't you go to therapy? (Because I think you're crazy) 2. What are you using to establish your weight goal? 3. How do you get motivated to run? (Now that I think about it, don’t think I gave any good advice on this, fail.) Notes: My cat is cleaning himself in the background like a creeper. … [Read more...]

French Toast Friday Strikes Again


Morning and Happy Friday I started my day with an easy 3 miler. No real reason for it, but my legs are tired today. I wanted to do some abs this morning since I’ve been neglecting that for weeks, but didn’t have time. I’m rushing off to take my car in for some (expensive) repairs. It’s French Toast Friday! Did you have your French Toast (with Sunflower Butter and syrup) … [Read more...]