Big Girls Don’t Cry

I can’t pinpoint the reason yet, but I’ve been hungry all afternoon lately. It might be hormones, might be stress. I’m looking into it.

Anyways, I made the most massive smoothie with cereal to fill up my bell-ay. IMG_5016 (533x800)These things fill up 2 whole glasses. Always.IMG_5013 (800x533)After picking up my car from the repair guy (we got off easy this time). Ben and I had a lil date night. We walked to a local Indian food place.

We shared a massive combo with 3 items. The green one is okra – this is the first time I’ve had it where it’s not fried. Loved it SmileIMG_0111 (800x600)

I proudly announced to the entire place that “garlic naan is my reason for living.” I’ve done more embarrassing things, but did kinda regret that after one too many people stopped eating to stare.IMG_0112 (800x600)The combo came with 3 main dish items, rice and garlic naan. We added an order of samosas too.IMG_0113 (800x600)

It’s a super informal place, but the food is amaze.IMG_0114 (800x600)

Embarrassing moment #2 of the night = We massacred this meal (and our table showed it).IMG_0117 (800x600)

Then, I stole a spoon from the place for my frozen yogurt. I know this is crazy, but I don’t like the round YogurtLand spoons.

Is that a spoon in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?IMG_0118 (800x600)

We also hit up the Verizon store for some phone research. I want this one – wait it’s not a phone?!…IMG_0119 (800x600)

Speaking of big phones, I want to clarify something. In my Ask a Monican #11 I mentioned that I think I’m a “big girl”. I did not mean “big” in a bad way – it’s an adjective not a slur.

I meant I have big feet, huge hands (I’ve never been able to try on rings at jewelry stores) and a head that rivals NFL linebackers.

Yes, my new sombrero is a men’s size hat. IMG_4697 (800x600)Just wanted to put it in my perspective for you.

After our Indian food massacre we needed dessert. Ben wanted cupcakes.IMG_0121 (600x800)

He chose a Coconut Macaroon cupcake. IMG_0122 (600x800)

He’s almost as excited as I am for fro-yo!IMG_0124 (600x800)

I went with Yogurtland.IMG_0126 (800x600)

Nothing makes me happier. Nothing.IMG_0128 (800x600)

We made a quick stop in Pier One for new Run Eat Repeat eating materials. I spotted these Chalk Note glasses…pier one glasses

And that brings me to Ben’s Comment of the Day:

Me: “Ben, I want these glasses so we can write our names on them when we have a party and keep track of our drinks.”

Ben:No. People need to learn how to keep track of their drinks or they’re gonna get roofied.”



  1. says

    Cupcakes vs. frozen yogurt?! I wouldn’t have been able to choose! I probably would have had both, not going to lie.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a huge head- I have to wear my dad’s bike helmet because regular ones don’t fit me. His is made for extra-large heads…

  2. Dynamics says

    Thanks Ben, You got me to snort. Good thing I am alone. Just bought new tennis shoes…Size 11 D. Yikes. Talk about big feet!

  3. says

    First of all I love Ben and his tiny cupcake bag and uncomfortable smile in that pic! And yes we should all be aware of the potential to be roofied with our friends! But I am always more worried about that one germy guy who may put is festering lip on my cup. I will take get roofied over that any day!

  4. says

    I knew exactly what you meant by “big girl”. I wear size 12 shoes, definitely inherited my mother’s hips and have a HUGE head. Even during my yearly, my OBGYN was shocked to hear my shoe size and said, “yup, you’re big boned”. We’re not all meant to be size 2s, and that’s cool if you are or aren’t.

    p.s. I’m jealous of your garlic naan. That entire meal looks solid.

  5. Kate says

    Okay, I just busted out laughing at Ben’s comment. I think I scared MY husband but that’s totally something he would say too!

  6. says

    Are you more of a Yogurtland or Menchies type gal? I’m partial to the Mench… but at the end of the day, Yogland is fro’ yo too, so no complaints. Hahaha love Ben’s comment.

    • says

      We don’t have Menchies here, but I love Yogurtland more than any other place (there are a ton of different options around). Yogurtland was the original place in Irvine, CA – and Ben and I have been going for years and years. Then, everyone copied but I’m loyal :)

      Plus, Yogurtland has Taro flavor and I love it.

  7. says

    Just mentioning naan has me tasting and craving some garlic honey naan! My boyfriend has learned when I ask if he wants to share some naan – he really should order his own piece. I usually eat the whole thing by myself!

  8. says

    When I’m stressed I’m hungry all day long too. :/ I wish I weren’t in the habit of emotional eating!

    I know what you mean by “big girl” too–I’m short (only 5’2) but I have a very wide frame and I literally do have big bones (when I was a kid I always had to have bone density tests to make sure they weren’t getting too big.) It’s annoying being so short with having such a wide frame and broad shoulders–there are times I feel so unfeminine.

  9. says

    I had Indian food last night too – made Jenna’s baingan bharta, which was delish. So, I think garlic naan is a totally legit reason for living. Who are these dissenters who say otherwise? Love Ben’s comment about keeping up with your glass. It’s true.

  10. says

    Haha love Ben’s comment so funny. and true.
    Love chalk classes too. I’m moving to an apartment this fall and my roommates and I have already decided to do chalk paint on the walls in small areas to write on. Chalk = fun.

  11. says

    Maybe it’s a good thing I never got a chance to try naan. I’d miss it too much!

    Ben’s comment literally made me LOL. And…I think I agree 😉

  12. says

    Amy’s frozen food has NEVER done me wrong. Never. I could probably live off of Amy’s and Kashi for an inordinately long time…

    Happy Sunday!

  13. says

    I have to agree with your Ben. It was the first lesson they taught us at Freshmen Orientation. Watch your drinks or you’ll get roofied. And the people you invite to your home would definitely be the roofie-dropping kind, right?

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