Sunday Set Up–Just Do It.


I brought Asian Chicken salad for the party yesterday and took the rest home for today’s lunch. Yeah, you can do that without it being rude when it’s a family party I know my food’s not pretty, but my new clearance aisle polka dot placemat makes me very happy. A chocolate Vitatop with PB made my day. Made it. Outside of that it was all cleaning and washing clothes. This … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Traditions


After my run yesterday I spent some time baking in the kitchen. Inspired by Ben’s cupcake from Friday I created an almond cupcake with coconut frosting. They came out great – sharing the recipe soon Then, I packed it up and headed to my cousins for a family BBQ. First I made a pit stop at my mom’s to walk the dogs. That’s not my mom’s house in the background (in case you … [Read more...]