2 Year Anniversary


Once upon a time a red haired Mexican girl met an artist’s son from Florida. They fell fast and hard in love. They did crazy things… And went on adventures… Today marks 2 years since they got married in a castle in Paso Robles, CA. Since it was in a castle, the wedding theme was Regal and Classic… With golds, cremes and green colors… Even though she forgot her … [Read more...]

First Day of Long Beach Marathon Training


Today is my first day of training for the Long Beach Marathon. I put together a program based on a 3 day a week training plan, but will have an optional 4th run day every week depending on how I feel. I don’t have it online because I still live in the 1800s and used a rock and a chisel paper and pencil to write it down. Plus, I always tweak my plan as I go along depending on … [Read more...]