2 Year Anniversary

Once upon a time a red haired Mexican girl met an artist’s son from Florida. CR10 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

They fell fast and hard in love.IMG 6876 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

They did crazy thingsmonica and ben grand canyon thumb 2 Year Anniversary

And went on adventures…DSCN1689 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

Today marks 2 years since they got married in a castle in Paso Robles, CA.

006 thumb 2 Year Anniversary011 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

055 thumb 2 Year Anniversary058 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

061 thumb 2 Year Anniversary063 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

136 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

Since it was in a castle, 108 thumb 2 Year Anniversarythe wedding theme was Regal and Classic…112 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

With golds, cremes and green colors…114 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

110 thumb 2 Year Anniversary115 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

Even though she forgot her detachable sleeves on her wedding day…DSCN1108 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

(when she specifically didn’t want a sleeveless dress…)DSCN1115 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

It was still magical.029 thumb 2 Year Anniversary001 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

And fun…026 thumb 2 Year Anniversary029 thumb1 2 Year Anniversary

095 thumb 2 Year Anniversary097 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

She jokes that she got married for the cake… 119 1 thumb 2 Year Anniversary(which is partly true)056 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

So, today there will be cake – anniversary cake! Which is our little tradition (or at least we decided that on our first anniversary!).021 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

008 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

And there will be love and talking and quality time.037 thumb 2 Year Anniversary

You can read more on my Wedding tab.006 thumb1 2 Year AnniversaryUntitled thumb 2 Year Anniversary

Blogging wasn’t my priority at the time, so I didn’t write about the wedding very well. If you have any questions go ahead and ask in the comments or via email wlEmoticon smile38 2 Year Anniversary

011 thumb1 2 Year AnniversaryI’ll see you tomorrow <3

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  1. says

    I just went to my good friend’s wedding yesterday, and this brought back up those same tears that happened last night. Love your dress and the location! You looked smokin’ hot in that sleeveless dress.

  2. says

    Awe, Happy Anniversary!! Did you guys do gifts? I think the 2nd year is Cotton and I’m racking my brain for ideas. My 2nd is next month too!

  3. says

    Happy hapy happy anniversary to you and Ben! You described it so simply but so beautifully. I wanna get married in a castle. And doing it for the cake is totally acceptable! :)

  4. Ryah Cooley says

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you got married in Paso Robles! That’s my hometown. :) Was that Eagle Castle Winery? Your wedding looks gorgeous. Happy anniversary!

  5. says

    Girl, you rocked the sleeveless even if it wasn’t what you originally wanted (as I’m sure you know)!

    Happy anniversary! Your wedding was gorgeous!

  6. says

    gorgeous!! this year marks my 5th … and I can honestly say I wish I could relive my wedding day EVERY year :-)

    happy anniversary!!

  7. says

    Everything about your wedding was gorgeous, I love the castle theme! You look stunning in your dress! Enjoy your anniversary! I am also on the I demand cake on my anniversary plan.

  8. says

    You look so beautiful and happy on your wedding day. Happy anniversary! Our cake rocked, I didn’t know I was getting married for the cake until after I was already married… lol and we got it at Wal-Mart! Ha! Just goes to show that you can’t go wrong with wedding cake.

    I specifically didn’t want a sleeveless dress either. I had the dress shop trying to convince me to change my mind, but in the end, I was the freagin’ bride and told them I wanted sleeves or nothing. So they sewed on these sheer sleeves. :)

  9. says

    These cupcake style cakes have also become more widespread in just a short time. Needless to say if you want chocolate you have to find a baker that does chocolate wedding cakes well..In designing the cake remember that it will be sitting at the reception for a long time.

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