How To Pick A Good Watermelon


If you’re new to RER I should warn you that I have a sick obsession with watermelon. Sick as in, I buy them 2 at a time from Costco and proceed to eat them both by myself. While, this may not qualify me to be on “My Strange Addiction” (sorry the lady who eats her sofa has the market on that… It does qualify me to know how to pick a good watermelon! How To Pick a Good … [Read more...]



This afternoon I met SkinnyRunner for lunch at Café Rio. Luckily, I had 2 cavities filled right before we met up so I didn’t look like “FatRunner” next to her as I couldn’t massacre my salad as I normally do. We talked life, liberty and the Urban Running Summit. It’s in Las Vegas in December. Supposedly it’s the same weekend as a race. But, I know you’re all really going to … [Read more...]

Slut Walk and Bouncing Back from a Binge


I get a lot of questions and a lot of searches about how I come back from overeating or a binge. This has been happening a lot since starting my new job. I’m tired, often overwhelmed and anxious. Those things equal eating for me. Last night we got home around 11pm and I still needed to blog and finish up an article that was due at midnight. Even though we just came back from … [Read more...]