Things I Love Thursday and Peanut Sauce


Hello, how’s your day? I thought I’d share The Things I’m loving this lovely Thursday… 1. Limeades from Sonic (because I’ve officially decided they do not count as soda). 2. Sugar free butterscotch. Ben and I are both addicted and going through these bags at an alarming rate. 3. Big ol’ salads. I call this one – “veggie burger, deconstructed”. (Then, I follow the salad with … [Read more...]

4 Miles and Something in My Foot


This morning I had “cardio of my choice” to do for my training program. My choice is running I did 4 easy miles in 35:47 - 8:56 average pace. So, my miles were easy, but taking a picture of my foot was not. See, that blurry dot? I feel like I stepped on something, but it’s kinda under my skin. Will my body just dissolve it or do I need to go to the doctor? Yes. That’s a … [Read more...]