My Clean Condo Tour

I am a mess. Okay, not just that – I’m messy too.

So, I’m very proud that I cleaned the house instead of going to yoga today. Normally it looks like an episode of Hoarders (just don’t open the closets!). IMG_5206 (800x533)

IMG_5223 (800x533)IMG_5224 (533x800)

I thought it was sad that Ben and I have lived in this condo for almost one year and we don’t have any pictures up. So, I bought this inspirational canvas the other day and stuck it on a pre-existing nail.this is your life

Our room really needs some pictures though!get some color in here!

Well, it needs pictures besides these random ones I put in a frame this morning since they were getting dusty.IMG_5212 (800x533)

Luckily, Ben’s dad is a painter and we have a ton of art to put up. It’s just a matter of finally unpacking it!image

And because I know you guys are missing a picture of my Pink Sink… (If you click on that link you’ll see it’s not just roses that Vegas likes.)IMG_5216 (800x533)

Vegas didn’t help clean, but he did oversee the cleaning.get out cat

And I don’t think he approves of my work…my owner sucks

But, don’t think I turned all “clean” on ya – I made sure to leave a pile of mail on the couch to deal with in a fluster 4 minutes before our guests call this clean?!

If you have any questions about where any of my cheap furniture is from let me answer that – Ikea or Target. I’m not fancy, ‘member?IMG_5209 (800x533)

After Clean-fest 2011 I went to my mom’s to take Roxy for her summer hair cut. One of my biggest goals in life is to get Ben to love me as much as Bailey loves Roxy…i love you dog

Then, I raided my mom’s fridge, threw everything in a bowl and called it lunch.IMG_5236 (600x800)

Eaten outside with Matt as he did an art project… IMG_5240 (600x800)

Reason why my mom rocks = she got me a tissue box that looks like watermelon!eating tissue is wrong

Reason why my mom sucks = she has this “XXL Bag” of M&M’s Dark Chocolate within 2 feet of where I’m bloggingdamn you dark chocolate

And that my friends, was a tour of my lil’ home. Hope you enjoyed Smile If you have design suggestions feel free to come over and help. I need it.


    • Shanna says

      Where did you get that canvas? I think it would make for a great addition to my bedroom when I need help getting out of bed and out running in the morning!

  1. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only (messy) one! One of my big goals in life is to become a person who has a company-ready home most of the time (not even all the time…MOST of the time). I am definitely guilty of hiding things…in my oven, in my bathtub, under the bed. Sigh.

    Also, I have the same problem with bare walls. But it really is the art that gives life to a home, so I’m working on that as well. I have a cool idea for art over my couch, just have to find a crafty ETSY-type to help me with it. You should definitely take advantage of some of that good, free art at your disposal!

  2. says

    I loved the tour!! I still am just so envious of your desk behind the couch setup. It’s genius, I tell you. A setup like that may save my marriage. Not that it is in trouble.. just that I could easily blog AND spend quality (read:TV) time with Marsh. Your house is super cute! Also, I feel better that I am not the only one who doesn’t make decorating a priority.

  3. says

    I was thisclose to buying that couch at Ikea… and then I didn’t. Boo.

    M&M’s DARK are my nemesis :(… I totally can’t keep them around, or they will defeat me every.time.

  4. says

    I dont have any pictures hanging up either! Im too terribly picky about what i want up and I havent found the “perfect” thing yet.. Ive lived in my place for going on 2 years now!! The only stuff that I hung quickly was my childrens homeschool posters.

  5. says

    Let me be creepy for a minute…well creepier than normal….I use Cetaphil too! My derm. said I have allergies to a lot of face washes because I am a redhead so I gotta know, is that why you use it?

  6. says

    75% of our apartment furniture is from IKEA or Target too. We figured that we’d buy “better” (i.e. more expensive) stuff when we moved into a house. You, know, since there’s tons of money left to do that. By the way, dark chocolate M&Ms are sooo much better than the original.

  7. says

    my condo casa has not had any art up for almost seven years, now! and i would totally do my whole place in target + ikea. simple + cheap works for me! your pink sink is the best – so out it’s in!

  8. Orla says

    I love that Ben isn’t in any of the three wedding pictures; totally something I would do! I was just looking at a double frame the other day (one side for photo, one side for invite) and the first thing I thought was ‘hmmm, which photo of me do I like the best?’ 😀

  9. says

    Even if I don’t manage to do anything else (ie… shower)… but I’ve cleaned my apartment, I feel like a success. Woohooo!

  10. says

    Pssh, one year is nothing. My husband and I are coming up on living in our apartment for…four years? And we have yet to hang any of the pictures we own. They are still stacked up against one of our dressers. We’ve been house hunting and I laugh every time I realize we never fully moved in to our apartment because it was just supposed to be temporary!

  11. says

    I was totally going to ask where you got your kitchen table. Way to head those questions off, haha.

    Good to know there are other couples who have not bothered to put pictures up. My husband and I have had that on our to do list for a while…

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