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Today’s run was my first long run of LB ‘11 marathon training!Since we have a tiny condo and house guests I tried my best to be quiet while eating my pre-run fuel. But, that is impossible.IMG_5324 (600x800)

I’m loud. Always have been. Probably always will be. Consider yourself warned.loud noises(source)

I’m sure I even woke up the neighbors. Sorry.

I did 12 miles in 1:43:37. I really need to find a new route though, I am doing the exact same one I used for mary training last year and it’s de-motivating.IMG_5332 (800x533)

I planned my run to end at the local bakery with amazing scones. I wanted our guests myself to experience the deliciousness Winking smileIMG_5330 (800x533)

Clockwise from top center: Bacon cheddar, Boysenberry, Cherry, Cinnamon Apple, Cinnamon.IMG_5331 (800x533)

I smelled really bad after my run, but I hope our guests only smelled the scones Winking smileIMG_5335 (800x533)

I paired mine with an egg patty and watermelon. This is 1/10 of the amount of scones I actually ate, but I know you know me well enough to assume that.IMG_5338 (800x533)

Now, I’m scrambling to find something to wear to the wedding!!! I either have super hoochie stuff…monica is scandalous

or super conservative ‘go for a run’ stuff…monica runningThat’s it.

I’m thinking of pairing the dress above with running shoes, too much make up and a tiara…cindy and monica in vegas

Vote Yes or No.


  1. says

    YES!!! I completely understand the wardrobe issues. Before I started grad school that was pretty much what I owned as well, and just so ya know I rocked that tiara my first day! 😉

  2. says

    I’m right there with you on the being loud thing. My family has always complained about how I cannot wake up quietly and go about my morning routine without making noise. Is that a bad thing? Haha

  3. Ida says

    congrats on the 12 miler. I feel the same way about my usual routes, but I’m too cheap to drive somewhere to run.

  4. says

    I had my last four mile long run on my half marathon training schedule yesterday. Best decision I made was to do a different route. I had an epic run that I had been all anxious over going into it.

    I went to an engagement party last night. As I was getting ready for it, I tried justified wearing my new lululemon jacket instead of “real” clothes. surprisingly, I managed to look like an average person instead of a fitness instructor as usual.

  5. says

    I also vote yes- I always justify too-short dresses with ‘I run, I deserve to show my legs!’ and then end up looking a little skanky. The running shoes would totally balance that out.

  6. says

    You could be the quietest person ever, and I’d still be woken up in the morning! That would be my curse of being the world’s lightest sleeper. Basically all the planets have to align for me to actually stay asleep, lol.

    Fun dresses or workout gear? I love your idea of combining the two 😉

  7. says

    Haha – well when the run fuel is so delicious, there’s no excuse NOT to make some noise while eating it.

    And as long as you wear a tiara, I vote YES.

  8. Anonymous says

    Have you ever considered that you are running your long runs too fast, and thus are burned out on race day? I am not sure what your goal is for this race, but I’m assuming it’s sub-4. Even the tougher training plans (eg. Pftizinger et al) only recommend running a portion of your long runs at marathon goal pace.

  9. says

    You might already know how to do this, but I use googlemaps all the time to make new running routes. It’s pretty easy after you play around with it. I need to mix up my runs from time to time too.

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