Mexican Meatless Monday–Easy Enchiladas


Mexican Meatless Monday is back! I’ve been neglecting it because now that I live in Orange County I’m trying to keep my Mexican-ness on the down low. (source) Remember when I dyed my hair blonde? Talk about a FAIL Someone should have told me looking albino isn’t my thing… Not really. California is basically Mexico and I’m loud and proud about it. You should have seen me … [Read more...]

Music Monday–Run Around Monica


Hello and Happy Monday! I started my day with 5 fast miles and a cool down. I felt great which is surprising because my legs were tired last night (randomly because I didn’t exercise). Plus, I have a blister. Good runs help with good moods, don’t ya think? 6 miles in 51:48 – I felt great the whole time. I credit the 53 pieces of cake I ate this weekend with carb loading me up … [Read more...]