Eating Angry


I had another dentist appointment this afternoon. This dental stuff has been going on for months now, but this is my final one until my semi-annual cleaning. Unfortunately, my dentist killed me with the anesthesia and I couldn’t feel half my face for 4 hours. I tried to eat a bunch of times in that 4 hours and almost choked myself twice. Right when I was about to kill myself … [Read more...]

Body Fat Percentage


Since I didn’t have to be at work until 8am this morning I made breakfast before hand. I planned on eating it after I got there, but it disappeared before I even got out the door. So, my strength workout was postponed until my stomach didn’t hurt anymore. I sported my Girls Run LA shirt today I also brought Self magazine’s latest issue - Helps the minutes fly … [Read more...]

Sweet Sticker Sighting


Hello My 7am client canceled so I’m going to use that hour for a strength workout for myself. I didn’t plan out what I’m going to do, so I can’t really share. I mostly just lean on the weight benches and check out guys anyways. ( Run Eat Repeat bumper sticker sighting! Chris from Losing It already put his RER sticker on his car! The sweet part of this … [Read more...]