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Since I didn’t have to be at work until 8am this morning I made breakfast before hand. I planned on eating it after I got there, but it disappeared before I even got out the door. So, my strength workout was postponed until my stomach didn’t hurt anymore.

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I sported my Girls Run LA shirt today SmileIMG_5429 (600x800)

I also brought Self magazine’s latest issue – Helps the minutes fly by!IMG_5433 (800x600)

Yesterday at the gym I checked my body fat with one of those handheld analyzers. I was happily surprised that I’m not 50% fat, 50% Diet Dr. Pepper like I thought…

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(A portable body fat analyzer like this is one of the least accurate measures of body fat, but it is the most accessible measure after a scale.)

When you just need some good news, underwater weighing is the best since it gives you the same micro-rush as blacking out the rest of the squares your failed bingo card, but every time I take my scale in the pool it breaks.

The pros of a portable body fat measure like this is to have another set of numbers (in addition to the scale and measurements) if you don’t have access to fancy body fat tools.



Have you ever had your body fat measured? Would you want to?


  1. says

    I’ve actually never had my body fat percentage or my BMI measured. I’m happy with my body, so the number on my scale is plenty for me to get all worked up over on bad days. However, I think it might be interesting to see what the numbers say!

  2. says

    I had my body fat measured once and I thought it was super inaccurate. It was like 22% and I wasn’t even close to my goal weight yet. I had it redone later and it was higher. I have no idea what I am currently. I’d be curious to figure it out because I’ve been so into weight lifting this year.

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    I had mine taken several years ago with a portable thing, but I don’t remember what it says. I would actually very much like to know how much body fat I have, because I feel like it would ultimately help me work out more efficiently. And again, it gives you another number to track to help show your progress when maybe other numbers aren’t necessarily helping.

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    My scale at home takes a guess at my body fat percentage. It is all over the place though. Most of the time I think it’s more a measurement of how hydrated I am that day. Other days I just get all excited because apparently I dropped 4% body fat overnight! Really y’all gotta get on the wino food plan.

  5. adria biasi says

    Last winter quarter I took an exercise physiology class and for lab time one week we did all types of body fat testing from skin folds box pod bio electrical impedance the underwater one and I think that was it. I did get varied results but no more than 2%. It was interesting with the bio electrical impedance because you got info for each separate limb. If you ever get a chance i recommend it so you know of any imbalances that can cause injury… :)

  6. says

    I’ve used one of those pincher things to measure…I find it horribly inaccurate, though it’s supposed to be one of the best ways to do it at home. Seems to me your results will very depending on how much pain you can tolerate!

    Anyway, it is a better measure of fitness than the scale, so it’d be nice if there was an easier way to measure it!

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    I haven’t had a body fat percentage done since I was 14. That’s 15 years ago! My company is actually doing it as part of a wellness program for us at our annual company mtg next month. I’m actually kind of excited to see what it is.

  8. says

    Hahaha 50% dr pepper. Love you. I have measured my fat % in a BodPod a few times (within 2% accuracy) and now I really am just scared to do that again. It was nice when I did it and was, like, 16% though.

  9. says

    I would love to have my body fat measured, because I am obsessed with the scale, and I am at a healthy weight. So I would rather reduce body fat than pounds. I have a scale that gives body fat, but I don’t think it is correct (it says I am 36% body fat and 45% water which only leaves 19% for skin, bones, muscles, organs, etc). I also have calipers, but don’t think they are accurate because I am probably not doing it correctly, but it gives me about 22%. I found a company that does traveling Bod Pod measurements, and I think I will try to get an appointment. I need something to measure besides my weight!

  10. says

    I’ve had my body fat measured. I wasn’t happy with it. The last time they did it I was down 2% from the previous time, which is in the right direction, but I’ve got a little off track since then. I have some bad eating habits to get over. My plan is to clean things up for a month or two, then get remeasured. If I measure it now I’ll just get depressed.

  11. says

    Hey I just used one of those at the gym the other day. I didn’t know they existed until a few days ago. I’ve always been measured with those calipers in the past. I think it’s interesting to have a number besides just weight. Weight doesn’t tell you anything about muscle mass/fat/ect.

  12. Ida says

    I actually just participated in a study a grad student was working on and got my body fat tested in the water tank. I was pleasantly surprised by the number. Knowing my % body fat makes me care a lot less about my weight.

  13. says

    I did my undergrad at Pepperdine, and our Sports Med lab had access to a BodPod. As nutrition students, we were all allowed to use the machine fo’ free. I declined… certain things I don’t want to know with such accuracy.

  14. says

    i had mine measured a couple years ago but im pretty much 100% sure it was wrong. it said i had like, freakishly low body fat, like 8 percent which is NOT possible. i wear a c cup bra so pretty sure i have at least 15 percent up in there. im not a fitness competitor either soo ya..maybe he misread it and it actually said 80 percent haha i guess ill never know

  15. Jules says

    A couple years ago, I did a weight loss program via my gym. It was awesome- super personalized, just a bit competitive, and uber supportive. The weekly weigh ins included body fat percentage, weight, and measurements. I felt that the body fat percentages were a good indication of muscle gained, but were a bit inaccurate for ladies since (at least for me) my body fat percentage varies greatly based on my hormones.

  16. says

    I have gotten mine done at the gym, and I have really mixed feelings. My reading was in the normal zone, but I don’t want that to let me get complacent. I don’t want to lose a ton of weight, but I don’t want it to be an excuse for not losing 5-10 lbs that would make me feel more comfortable with myself (and clothes).

  17. says

    I was an exercise science major in college (the first time around), and we did the underwater testing – pretty interesting, but also kinda gross b/c the whole class used the same tank, so I always made sure I was first. It was like sharing a big bath tub with 15 other people. Ick. :o)

  18. says

    I’ve actually been thinking about getting mine tested a lot recently but theres nothing super accurate at my gym so I don’t really want to go down that path. Ultimately Id like to be around 15%, but I don’t want to know how far off I am from that ;]

  19. says

    To the encouragement of my husband, I did about 6 months ago. I was training for my first 1/2 marathon but I had a 6 month old at home (our 3rd child). Much to my surprise, it was pretty good!! I went to the YMCA and had someone do the measurements with calipers. It was pretty similar to what our scale said.

  20. says

    Tomorrow is my monthly bodyfat check-in!

    I wish I could take my bodyfat from my a$$ and put it in my boobs. Random thought of the day right there…

  21. says

    I’ve done underwater weighing, it’s kind of cool to do. I would like to do it like every year and see how my body changes though.

  22. Lorin says

    I am part of a study at Cal Poly and they measure the body fat through electrodes or something. They attach things to the arm, hip, and legs with circular things that measures the water or something. I was 28 which was kinda weird because technically that’s considered overweight, but i’m 5’6″ and 123ish. I think it was a good thing though because I’m focusing on weight training 2 times a week now to up my muscle. It would be fun to do a training session.

  23. says

    My endo has one of those fancy body fat measuring machines and left me in a room waiting to be seen for an hour once. If I could have figured out how to use it, I would have jumped on it. I do not think I would ever seek out my body fat percentage because I like to go by clothes fitting/how I feel rather than numbers.

  24. says

    I had my body fat measured once in one of those Bod Pods. I’m not sure how accurate they are, but it was certainly interesting. Although not cheap! My gym was having a deal so I did get it done, but we couldn’t afford for my husband to do it too.

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