Eating Angry

I had another dentist appointment this afternoon. This dental stuff has been going on for months now, but this is my final one until my semi-annual cleaning. Unfortunately, my dentist killed me with the anesthesia and I couldn’t feel half my face for 4 hours. I tried to eat a bunch of times in that 4 hours and almost choked myself twice. Right when I was about to kill myself and everyone around me freak out I made a massive smoothie and ate it in a VERY ANGRY fashion.IMG_5439 (600x800)

This was me making the smoothie and eating it…

Ben got home and wanted to go for a run. I wasn’t up for it, but took a short walk until he caught up with me and photobombed…IMG_5444 (600x800)

I am trying to eat clean this week, but NEEDED some chocolate after dinner. Luckily this Trader Joe’s sugar free stuff is the only thing we have in the house (and it’s actually good).IMG_5449 (600x800)

Don’t forget to enter my stevia contest before the clock strikes midnight!


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    Sorry to hear about the mouth troubles but believe me, I totally understand. Last year, I went through MAJOR mouth problems that resulted in 4 surgeries and not being able to eat solid foods for a month! It’s the worst! I would have rather had my hands cut off than not be able to eat.

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    I feel ya, sister. Last year I had to get gum reconstruction because of premature receding gum lines. I’m 22… It’s pathetic and irritating.

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    Ugh. I have to get my second root canal of the year on thursday. AND I need a tooth pulled and replaced (basically my childhood dentist didn’t clean anything properly and now all my old cavities are having problems) it’s expensive and a total pain! :(

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    I totally have to get myself back to the dentist. As soon as I can get my dental insurance straightened out! Although I’m not looking forward to the actual work, I am looking forward to freshly expert-cleaned teeth!

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    I feel your pain! Last summer was HELL in terms of dental sh*t for me. I had to have a root canal and it was like 6 months of nasty, painful, miserable BS. :(

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