Sweet Sticker Sighting

Hello Smile My 7am client canceled so I’m going to use that hour for a strength workout for myself. I didn’t plan out what I’m going to do, so I can’t really share. I mostly just lean on the weight benches and check out guys anyways.i-usually-look-like-a-moron-anyway-but-you-know-what-i-mean


Run Eat Repeat bumper sticker sighting! Chris from Losing It already put his RER sticker on his car! image

The sweet part of this post involves my new sweet substitute of choice – Stevia. Remember when I made those Almond Cupcakes with stevia baking powder the other day?stevia cupcakes

Well, NuNaturals offered to give 4 RER readers some loot to sweeten up the deal. Each will win a bottle of stevia liquid sweetener and a box of packets (to sweeten your iced coffee!)

Liquid Vanilla SteviaNuStevia 50 Packets Top Angle

To Enter Leave a Comment on this post with the last sweet thing you ate.

Bonus: You can used the code BLG930 to get 15% off an order of stevia products on their website!

The last thing I ate was fro-yo I’m willing to do anything for…yogurtland orange county


  1. jen says

    raspberries! (but thats like a fake sweet)
    real sweet: chocolate pie w/graham cracker crust. mmm delish

  2. says

    The last “real” sweet thing I ate was cake. Even after I said I wasn’t going to eat any more sweets my boyfriend brought home some cake. It was my dinner.

    The last OK sweet thing I had was walnuts, raisins, vanilla soygurt with some strawberry jam. So good!!!

  3. says

    man am i a good photographer or what?!
    the last sweet thing i ate was a bowl of pretzels and chocolate chips together. it was the closet thing i had to candy in the house. and now sounds really lame.

  4. Nicole says

    The last sweet thing I ate was frozen yogurt too. It’s almost turning into a daily thing this summer..

  5. says

    oh my sweet tooth has a plethora of goodies… the last one was a fiber plus bar for breakfast. but last night I had a bite of brownie… delish

  6. Nikki F says

    Last night I made hot chocolate with unsweetened cocoa, almond milk and stevia. Even though it was hot out, it hit the spot!

  7. Marianne says

    Carob covered raisins followed by graham crackers covered with almond butter. (no self control after at night!) Yum. Definitely had some stevia in my tea for breakfast this morning.

  8. adria biasi says

    Well the last sweet thing I ate was dried pineapple but come on that doesn’t really count. So jump back a few more hours and my answer would but skittles. Or jump ahead to the future and my answer will also be frozen yogurt! Can’t wait!

  9. says

    Flourless peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips from PbFingers. sooo gooddddd…I may have eaten more than 2.

  10. Ashley says

    Well, I’m eating berries right now, does that count? :-)
    But the last sweetened thing I had was Watermelon Lemonade from the farmers market, which was actually sweetened with Stevia, I was pleasantly surprised!

  11. Allison says

    My husband, kids and I split a brownie sundae at a restaurant. It was delicious….if we hadn’t been in public, I would have licked the plate.

  12. Christy says

    My dad has a peach tree so we have been eating peaches nonstop. They are sweet and juicy and definitely quench my thirst in this hot weather. Think I will make a peach crisp today…that will be suh-weet!!

  13. says

    hahaha love that comic! Hilarious! I just got my bumper sticker in the mail yesterday! so excited, thanks again!! The last thing sweet I ate was my strawberry smoothie I had for breakfast 😉 before that, was a piece of my grandma’s yum-yum coffee cake on Sunday. I have been looking all over for the stevia drops and can’t find them ANYWHERE. and I’m always weary of ordering online! Hope I win :)

  14. Holly says

    I had a vitamuffin with my fruit/yogurt/granola breakfast…the vitamuffin was dessert. Yes, dessert for breakfast. I know you won’t judge :)

  15. says

    The last sweet thing I ate was the Almond Butter Banana Nut Muffin I made last night from Heather Eats Almond Butter’s blog :) It was UNREAL

  16. Heather says

    the last sweet thing i ate was a raw oreo that i bought at a local bakery to treat myself for having blood drawn… never bought a raw dessert before but it was yummy!

  17. says

    The last sweet thing I ate was a bowl of Rice Krispy TREATS Cereal, only the best cereal known to man. I couldn’t find it where I live, so when I visited my Mom in Northern CA I bought 6 boxes. Now I wish I would have bought 15.

  18. says

    The last sweet thing I ate was protein pudding for dessert last night. The last good sweet thing I ate? Chocolate chip cookies on saturday! mmm

  19. Valerie says

    Luckily (seriously) I’m not too into sweets and baked goods. The last sort-of sweet thing I ate was a PB Clif bar during my bike ride on Saturday!

  20. Rachel says

    I had Dove dark chocolate! I have (at least) one a day because it makes me happy, and dark chocolate has antioxidants, right?… it’s like my vitamin.

  21. Malorie says

    The last sweet thing I ate was a carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting and it was delicious :) I would love to try stevia because I never have and all artificial sweeteners that I have tried give me stomach issues…

  22. Jamie says

    The last sweet thing that I ate was a Weight Watchers Icecream candy bar. I tried them because of you and I am so surprised with how tasty they are. Real food? Probably not… Delicious and low calorie? Yes :-)

  23. says

    I actually just finished an apple cinnamon rice cake with Trader Joe’s mango butter. Really the rice cake was just a vehicle for the mango butter so I didn’t look ridiculous eating it straight from the jar.

  24. Amanda G. says

    The last sweet thing I ate was a coconut macaroon with chocolate on top…it was hard not to eat more than one! heehee

  25. samantha says

    the last sweet thing i ate was a berry scone that was at the breakfast buffet at a hotel – not really worth it (a bit stale), but free!

  26. says

    I ate date- coconut bars for breakfast. Those are almost too sweet!
    p.s. I’ve been laid up from surgery for the last week and I stumbled on your blog, reading old posts has helped me with the boredom, thank you!

  27. says

    Hmmm, the last sweet thing I ate was…. Crackers with peanut butter, sliced frozen banana, cinnamon and melted Baker’s chocolate. SO good, seriously!

  28. says

    This morning I ate some deliciously sweet (and only a little tart) blueberries in my oatmeal! Yummers! I also had to sweeten my iced coffee with the liquid sugar and who knows what it really in that stuff – so some stevia would really help a girl out :)

  29. Kate G. says

    the last sweet thing i ate was an amazing chocolate truffle i got for my birthday! it was delicious :)

  30. Kate says

    A breakfast smoothie — frozen banana, skim milk, chocolate whey protein, spinach, ice, and Splenda (see I need the Stevia so I can try it out). Yum!

  31. Amanda says

    I WISH it was fro yo but it was actually peanut butter finger’s flourless peanut butter cookies which aren’t too shabby either!

  32. says

    The last sweet thing I ate was a huge ass banana the size of my forearm. But fruit doesn’t count as sweets so I guess it was a peice of chocolate.

  33. Elizabeth says

    The last sweet thing I ate was a piece of dark chocolate after dinner last night…so good! Drinking my iced coffee right now thinking how much better it would be sweetened.

  34. Christin says

    I just ate the other half of my Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Dark Chocolate bar that I got in Denver last week…yum!

  35. Kelly says

    The last sweet thing I ate was a brownie. I made some to take to a friend and I had to make sure they were ok ; )

  36. says

    The last sweet thing I ate was 2 calcium gummies after lunch, buuuut since that doesn’t really count the last sweet thing I ate was a grilled banana slathered with almond butter. Yum!

  37. Rebecca says

    after a particularly indulgent weekend at my best friend’s wedding, i’ve decided to cut out added sugar this week (worst decision ever considering i have a hugeeee exam on thursday and need better snacks!)…so the last sweet i ate was the wedding cake at the wedding, there were 3 flavors (vanilla, chocolate and red velvet) and i liked the vanilla the best :)

  38. Jessica W says

    The last sweet thing I ate was strawberry rhubarb pie that I made with fruit from the farmer’s market!

  39. Crystal says

    Last thing sweet I ate was the top of a big apple cinnamon muffin. I just threw the other part away…not because I didn’t want it, but because I didn’t want to think about the additional 400 calories I would have eaten.

    • s says

      ha, i do that too sometimes… muffin tops are my favorite part of the muffin and the rest just seems like empty calories to me. as that seinfeld episode demonstrated (“top of the muffin to you!”).

  40. April says

    I eat something sweet every evening, and last evening was two pieces of Endangered Species Extreme Dark Chocolate.

  41. says

    I think I saw you posted the froyo pic on facebook? Maybe I’m crazy. LOVE the bumper stickers though!

    The sweetest thing I ate last was one of Enjoy Life Foods’ new gluten free cookies! DELICIOUS. I’ll share if I win, deal? lol.

  42. says

    Sweet giveaway, Monica :) I LOVE sweets and had some quinoa porridge this morning that would be a great medium for the liquid NuNaturals!! I add Greek yogurt, raw mixed nuts, and unsweetened apple butter to cooked quinoa for a healthy, balanced meal/snack. I would really like to win those stevia products and come up with some new combos.

  43. Tricia says

    The last sweet thing I ate… my daughter was eating a snickerdoodle cookie after lunch, and I ate the larger crumbs off of her belly!

  44. Nicole says

    The last sweet thing I ate was a spoonful of homemade vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and chopped peanut butter cups. I was spooning out some into a tupperware container to give to my co-worker and I had to make my container look “tidy”! :)

    Purchasing an ice cream maker for the summer is probably going to be the death of me….or guarantee a summer on the treadmill! :)

  45. Megan says

    The last sweet thing I ate was an amazing fudgesicle last night. I came home from work and my apartment felt like 100degrees inside so I immediately went straight to the freezer and cracked open that fudgesicle in all its glory.

  46. Dayna says

    I love stevia and put it in my coffee every day! I have wanted to try the liquid form, so I really hope I win!!
    The last sweet treat that I had was soft serve frozen yogurt with lots of toppings….it’s all about the toppings!!!
    Have a great day!

  47. LIndsey says

    the last sweet thing i ate was vanilla frozen yogurt with peanut butter sauce and homemade chocolate sprinkles!

  48. Ashley says

    Gummy vitamins, not sure those count; but about 20 minutes before that was a coconut mocha frappuccino from Starbucks. But now I want one of your cupcakes!

  49. says

    a fudgesicle… dipped in granola… topped with peanut butter. see when you start with a base of a fudgsicle thats only 90 calories, the rest of it doesn’t feel so bad to eat it… :)

  50. Amanda says

    The last sweet thing I ate was a Digestive bickie and some Medjool Dates…both scoffed in a hurry so my 2 year old didn’t see and ask for some too! Hehehehe…I’m an evil mother.

  51. Angie says

    I ate a small handful of dark chocolate covered ginger chunks from Trader Joes as my dessert after dinner.

  52. says

    I drank a coconut water/berry smoothie this afternoon – I’m a little weirded out by the coconut water, so added sweet was necessary! It was refreshing in these wicked hot afternoons!

  53. says

    The last sweet thing I ate was Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie frozen yogurt. I MAY have consumed the entire pint today. Oh, bad choices…

  54. Daisey Lim says

    Not more than 5 minutes ago I inhaled a junior size chocolate frosty freeze from Wendy’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Amanda says

    I picked the chocolate off half a white chocolate Kit Kat. Yeah, I said it. I don’t like that center crispy thing. GIVE ME CHOCOLATE. *aghem*


  56. earthybrit says

    The last sweet tasty nibble I ate was…… A Chocolate vita muffin and chocolate milk, not my normal but I was under the weather and it’s all that sounded good. My belly and my taste buds thanked me, and it hit the spot :)

  57. says

    What counts as sweet? Of the last thing I had that was sweet was a peach >8D Or if that doesn’t count a strawberry milkshake I split with the man I help take care of ^_^”

  58. Megan says

    A boy bought me dulce de leche ice cream last night :) I made dinner, and then we walked down to our local ice cream place. He got a massive sundae. It looked good, but mine was pretty darn good too!

  59. Lindsay says

    I have been catching up on you blog from vacation
    i was wondering what strength training workout you are doing/adding to your marathon training plan. I would like to add one to my next half marathon plan but i dont want it to be too time consuming…… HELP :)

  60. Amanda says

    this insane tres leches butterfinger devils food cake my coworker made. it was as amazing as it sounds.

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