Eat–Fool Day of Food


I’m changing things up this week and want to do a fool full day of eats in one post twice a week. I prefer seeing an entire run down in order rather then dinner, lunch and breakfast when you catch up with posts – don’t you? Breakfast honored Waffle Wednesday. It was so good, I wish tomorrow was Waffle Whursday… My mid-morning client canceled so I had time to eat watermelon. … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Races


Hello and Happy Wednesday! Run: 6 miles. I felt slow and sluggish the whole time What gives? Before I went for my run I wrote out my day. It’s crazy! I still haven’t gotten into the groove of balancing my new life with the blog. Working on it… In addition to work, blogging and other writing I also have to wash Vegas clothes… At least I have Waffle Wednesday to make me … [Read more...]