Fourth of July Races

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Run: 6 miles. I felt slow and sluggish the whole time Sad smile What gives? IMG_5464 (800x600)

Before I went for my run I wrote out my day. It’s crazy! I still haven’t gotten into the groove of balancing my new life with the blog. Working on it…IMG_5461 (800x600)

In addition to work, blogging and other writing I also have to wash Vegas clothes…dirty cat

At least I have Waffle Wednesday to make me feel better Smilewaffle wednesday

Winners of the Stevia Giveaway:

jasmine – the last sweet thing i ate was some chocolate pudding!
Jenn Haas Sweet giveaway, Monica :) I LOVE sweets and had some quinoa porridge this morning that would be a great medium for the liquid NuNaturals!!
Alyssa @ Run Charlie Run I’m drinking a cherry coke right now if that counts! If not, I had a couple sweedish fish after dinner last night.
rumfunandsun I ate strawberries and blueberries! Yummy!

I am going on a short road trip this weekend, but will be home in time for Fourth of July! So, I’m looking for a local Fourth of July race in the area.

Last year I did a 5k in Commerce with my peep Susanmonica at commerce 5k

If you’re looking for a Fourth of July race check out

Question: Are you running or racing this weekend? When/where?


  1. Jill says

    Lots of running this weekend. Four miles with my group on Thursday evening. Got a date for three miles, after work on Friday, with an old friend. Saturday is for resting (aka cleaning house / grocery shopping / laundry etc.) Sunday is my longest run to date – EIGHT miles. Monday is scheduled for an easy three miles, but all the different level groups are getting together for the local 4th July race. I’m told that it’s a really fun event.
    And of course, can’t forget an hour or so of walking with my puppies each day.

    • Christin says

      I’m a Santa barbara native, and I checked out the course for you…the semana nautica one on the 4th of July, right? it’s mostly along the bike path around the Goleta area, and there are going to be times of a bit of an incline (going up Hollister and the bike path towards UCSB), and maybe a few smallish hills, but it will be mostly flat…the weather here has been overcast/partially clear in the morning, and is clearing up and getting warmer towards the afternoon 😉
      side note, I graduated from San Marcos High (good times!)

  2. says

    I’ll run at the gym this weekend for sure, but no outdoor races. I get this mental block about races in June and July because of the heat. I’m doing my next one 7/31 in San Fran and hoping it will be nice and cool.

  3. says

    I do the exact same thing with my dry erase board at home when my schedule gets hectic. I’ve been eyeing some 4th of July Races but haven’t actually signed up yet. Cuttin it close!

  4. says

    I am not running a race but I love running holiday themed races. We are going to NY, and I did talk a friend into bringing along her running shoes so we can get in some miles together. I suppose I could do a race up there, but I’m pretty sure our husbands are going to force us to drink beer most of the weekend. Beer + racing don’t mix. 😉

  5. says

    I’m doing the Washington’s Crossing Revolutionary Run 10K. The race is only about 4 miles from my house, so I’m either go to run there or run home to make it my long run. Yikes! I hope it’s not too hot.

  6. says

    I run the Firecracker 4 miler every 4th of July in Cranford, NJ! They give out a sweet pint glass and I have all the years I’ve run in the cabinet. Love that Vegas is in the washing machine..nutty cat.

  7. Jamie says

    I am running a 4 Miler for the 4th. Up until now, I have only run a couple 5Ks, so I am a little nervous.

  8. Christin says

    I might ride my bike to the fireworks, and maybe run towards a hot dog stand, but other than that…yeah…wow…getting my hike on all this week (4 miles in the morning each day) plus my usual group weighted bar class today….so relaxing this weekend!

  9. says

    i usually help coach a marathon training program every saturday morning, but we’re off this weekend! i might have to do a race, just because i can. and on the 4th, i’m going to spectate the peachtree road race: the world’s largest 10k! i’m so excited bc ryan hall will be running it!

  10. says

    i am!! it is called ‘the thrill of the hill’ … ummmm, eek?! it’s a hilly 10k course in santa cruz cali. i’m running it with my little sister (it is her first race) and she doesn’t know it’s a hilly course :/ good luck finding a good one this weekend!

  11. says

    I’m working all weekend but I hope to get in some workouts. My parents are running the Harvard Pilgrim 10k on Monday and the finish line is at the 50 yard line of Gillette Stadium where the NE Patriots play! Pretty jealous I must say. :-)

    Vegas is adorable!

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