Confession Thursday–Saul Canelo

It’s that time again…confess and be saved (or at least confess and clear your conscience to thousands of strangers on the internet?).blogging judgement

Confession #1: When I can’t decide between 2 foods for a meal I have both. ugly eggs

Confession #2:  I’m starting to come to terms with my break up from Dunkin Donuts. He’ll always have a special place in my heart, but I think it’s time for me to move on to more stable relationships (like with Coffee Bean since it’s right next door to my work).coffee bean iced coffee

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sell $100 gift cards at Costco for $80. I think I should get in on that!tragic

Confession #3: I flung sweat on the girl behind me in kickboxing class. But she holds her fists like this…and it drives me crazy so we’re're hitchhiking not kickboxing

The entire time I’m thinking, “Curl your thumb in!!! You’ll never win a fight like that!” I really should have been born a boy. I’d be a MMA fighter if I was…saul-canelo-lvarez-300x350(source)

Specifically, I’d be Saul Alvarez the red-headed Mexican boxer!!!

Confession #4: I wore the same top to the gym as Tuesday. But I swear I washed it. I sweat way too much to use anything twice (see Confession #3).IMG_5508 (600x800)

Confession #5: My cat is bad and I punish him with love.IMG_5514 (600x800)

Confession #6: My stomach has been hurting randomly this week. I’m pretty sure it’s God’s way of punishing me for talking ish about the gluten free fad. I tried a Hansen’s Ginger-ale to settle my stomach because it has ginger in it, but it’s super gross.IMG_5369 (600x800)

Confession #7: I didn’t announce it, but I was going to try and “eat clean” all week this week. I really need to get back on the healthy wagon after a weekend of cake, eating out and more cake. But I failed by Tuesday Sad smile 

Oh well, good thing I didn’t announce it on the blog.

Oh wait…


  1. Regan says

    Hey Monica, I have been reading your blog for a few years now and I am a religious follower. I have written to you a few times but I just wanted to tell you again how much I admire you.
    I wish you weren’t so far away and I could meet you! I am here in FL so next time your taking a trip to FL I would love to have a blogger meet-up lol
    I love the humor you have with life and your struggles with eating, I am in the EXACT same boat but find it hard to laugh at it :( I envy what you have though, a loving husband who loves you for YOU and a great family and job. I mean I have a wonderful family but just admire how you navigate through life. I hope to find someone that won’t judge me for my weight etc. I am very active and not overweight but I over eat and over eat and its a constant battle. I am trying my best to get a better hold of my emotions with food, and then there are days when I wish I could just be normal like my friends. Yea Susie is eating cheeseburger but Gasp! She stopped half way through..because she was full! No not me I would be on that thing like white on rice and I wish it weren’t the case :( Like last night I went to an amazzzzing pizza place and ate half of the yummy little personal pizzas they make….yes its a 10″ personal pizza but I stopped and felt comfortable. I thought yay tonight is going to be different, but no as I drove home I went into the box and finished the other 2 pieces….Stuffed my face and then sat there hating myself…and then the carb craze continued today :(
    I know I’m just dishing out my own issues…sorry lol but I have to tell you that this blog is a life saver. Don’t ever stop being the amazing Monica! Just brush off this past weekend, you had a blast and made great memories. Let’s move forward :) and I’ll be with you cause I need to as well!

      • Lorin says

        I was going to ask that too, because I feel like so many people are following it as a new trend, even if they don’t need to. Yes, some people do but a lot of the people think it’s healthier I guess? I want to know more about it, so I will probably do research tonight about why so many people think it’s good for you.

        • says

          It’s not meant to be a diet or something to do “just because” and I feel like that’s what it is lately. If you have Celiac disease or autistic symptoms then, Yes 100% you should not eat gluten. But, it bothers me that it’s a trend on some level.

          • Lorin says

            I totally agree. I went into barnes n noble and there’s way more books than last time I went there about cooking gluten-free. I think it’s just something people are experimenting with or using to diet, because they lose weight by not eating as much processed foods.

        • says

          Why anyone would actually choose to do it when they don’t have to is beyond me. I’m known to complain (a bit too loudly) at having to be gluten-free. It SUCKS! What is wrong with people?

  2. says

    Ohhh my! I was dying laughing reading about the thumbs up girl in kickboxing..there’s a woman who always creeps up on my personal space in this one kickboxing class! There will be plenty of room and every single time, without fail, this woman is right next to me. The whole time I’m thinking, “Ok, do you want me to give you a piggy back ride or what’s going on here?!?!” hahaha…it’s like get real people!

    • Christin says

      Gah! Someone straight came into class at my gym yesterday and tried to move my mat so she could set up there…I told her to set up in the like, 10 feet of open space behind me but she wanted to see the mirror and kept trying to move my mat! I wanted to sock her and I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t…I DID passive agressively tell the instructor though…good grief…why can’t adults be adults at the gym? I had to be a tattle tale? Really? good times…

  3. says

    Hey Monica,

    This is totally random and completely unrelated to today’s post, but I had to tell you: I watched your ‘how to cut a watermelon’ video the other day and was skeptical – but I just tried it and am totally a convert! The pieces are the perfect size! So, sorry for doubting you – the obvious expert.

    p.s. – I am a newish reader – and hooked. :)

  4. says

    i LOVE coffee bean! i miss it so much! you’re not the only one when it comes to clean eating btw….every week im like, ‘ok, this is the week! no sugar…eating clean!’ then…somehow i forget come like, monday afternoon hah. one of these days itll stick i swear!

  5. says

    Yeah I made fun of my brother about the whole gluten free thing until I found out I am allergic as well! Oh, you mean my stomach isn’t supposed to hurt all the time a blow up like as Macy’s float? I thought that’s how everybody felt after they ate!

  6. says

    Confession: whenever given the option of buying $100 of drivethrough coffee for $80 I always think “I’m spending $80,” instead of the correct view that “I’m saving $20”

  7. Renee says

    This post ROCKS! I love it – especially about flinging sweat in kickboxing and the chick w/the weirdo fist.
    Confession: I often avoid classes b/c I’m such a massive sweater and am worried about flinging sweat or even worse, slipping and taking out a couple of people with my sweaty self as I go careening through the air or across the floor.

  8. Christin says

    On Confession #3: haha! I would totally tell her to tuck her thumbs in before she breaks them…I have no filter now thanks to my lovely heart-on-his-sleeve husband who has no social filter and has rubbed off on me…she’s lucky all she got so far was sweat on the face…lol!

  9. says

    Haha, I love the comic! I’m always petrified that my blog might reflect poorly on my professional judgement skills. I don’t worry that it won’t get me into heaven though. Re: confession #1, I am guilty of that too. We all are. I try to eat smaller pieces of each food, but it doesn’t always work, lol. :)

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