How To Pick A Good Watermelon


If you’re new to RER I should warn you that I have a sick obsession with watermelon. Sick as in, I buy them 2 at a time from Costco and proceed to eat them both by myself. While, this may not qualify me to be on “My Strange Addiction” (sorry the lady who eats her sofa has the market on that… It does qualify me to know how to pick a good watermelon! How To Pick a Good … [Read more...]



This afternoon I met SkinnyRunner for lunch at Café Rio. Luckily, I had 2 cavities filled right before we met up so I didn’t look like “FatRunner” next to her as I couldn’t massacre my salad as I normally do. We talked life, liberty and the Urban Running Summit. It’s in Las Vegas in December. Supposedly it’s the same weekend as a race. But, I know you’re all really going to … [Read more...]

Slut Walk and Bouncing Back from a Binge


I get a lot of questions and a lot of searches about how I come back from overeating or a binge. This has been happening a lot since starting my new job. I’m tired, often overwhelmed and anxious. Those things equal eating for me. Last night we got home around 11pm and I still needed to blog and finish up an article that was due at midnight. Even though we just came back from … [Read more...]

ChoSun Galbee Restaurant


Ben and I headed to Los Angeles after work for a fun dinner double date. We went to ChoSun Galbee Restaurant. It’s a Korean BBQ place. I have never been to a restaurant like this before and wasn’t sure what to expect – or how to even order! We met up with Ben’s college friend Phil and his girlfriend Erin. They live in Boston and are in town for a wedding! (Side note:Both Phil … [Read more...]

Stevia Sweetened Almond Cupcakes


Recently NuNaturals contacted me to try their line of Stevia products. I jumped at the chance because I have been in love with Stevia for over a year now, but haven’t baked with it yet. Inspired by Ben’s almond cupcake from this weekend I wanted to make almond cupcakes topped with frosting and coconut. I used this recipe from the Pastry Affair as a starting point and tweaked … [Read more...]

Anniversary Thai Food and 3 Fails


Morning! Yesterday was a good day I decided to celebrate my anniversary with a food treat and got a bucket o’ soda from Sonic. When I ordered the drive through guy said, “We’re giving away a free cherry limeade with each purchase today. Would you like one?” “F yeah, I want a free limeade!” And they even made it a diet limeade! I was too happy. I drank them both. In 5 … [Read more...]

2 Year Anniversary


Once upon a time a red haired Mexican girl met an artist’s son from Florida. They fell fast and hard in love. They did crazy things… And went on adventures… Today marks 2 years since they got married in a castle in Paso Robles, CA. Since it was in a castle, the wedding theme was Regal and Classic… With golds, cremes and green colors… Even though she forgot her … [Read more...]

First Day of Long Beach Marathon Training


Today is my first day of training for the Long Beach Marathon. I put together a program based on a 3 day a week training plan, but will have an optional 4th run day every week depending on how I feel. I don’t have it online because I still live in the 1800s and used a rock and a chisel paper and pencil to write it down. Plus, I always tweak my plan as I go along depending on … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up–Just Do It.


I brought Asian Chicken salad for the party yesterday and took the rest home for today’s lunch. Yeah, you can do that without it being rude when it’s a family party I know my food’s not pretty, but my new clearance aisle polka dot placemat makes me very happy. A chocolate Vitatop with PB made my day. Made it. Outside of that it was all cleaning and washing clothes. This … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Traditions


After my run yesterday I spent some time baking in the kitchen. Inspired by Ben’s cupcake from Friday I created an almond cupcake with coconut frosting. They came out great – sharing the recipe soon Then, I packed it up and headed to my cousins for a family BBQ. First I made a pit stop at my mom’s to walk the dogs. That’s not my mom’s house in the background (in case you … [Read more...]

Last Fun Run


This morning I looked over my Marathon Training calendar and was on the fence about today’s run. It was either my last “fun run” as in, not a training run OR it could count as my first training run. I decided it would be my last fun run and had cereal instead of PB toast before it. Well, good thing this wasn’t a training run because I totally crashed and burned. I cut my … [Read more...]

Big Girls Don’t Cry


I can’t pinpoint the reason yet, but I’ve been hungry all afternoon lately. It might be hormones, might be stress. I’m looking into it. Anyways, I made the most massive smoothie with cereal to fill up my bell-ay. These things fill up 2 whole glasses. Always.After picking up my car from the repair guy (we got off easy this time). Ben and I had a lil date night. We walked to a … [Read more...]

Ask A Monican #11 and Volume Needed


Here is Ask a Monican #11 Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers... 1. Why don't you go to therapy? (Because I think you're crazy) 2. What are you using to establish your weight goal? 3. How do you get motivated to run? (Now that I think about it, don’t think I gave any good advice on this, fail.) Notes: My cat is cleaning himself in the background like a creeper. … [Read more...]

French Toast Friday Strikes Again


Morning and Happy Friday I started my day with an easy 3 miler. No real reason for it, but my legs are tired today. I wanted to do some abs this morning since I’ve been neglecting that for weeks, but didn’t have time. I’m rushing off to take my car in for some (expensive) repairs. It’s French Toast Friday! Did you have your French Toast (with Sunflower Butter and syrup) … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday


Sorry for the delay – I did an Ask A Monican video today but You Tube took over 5 hours to upload it and dominated my memory card. It’ll be up tomorrow I think my volume eating belly missed having a big salad for lunch today because I was hungry ALL DAY. I had snacks. And made up for volume with a big ol’ salad at dinner. I’ve been craving beans in a scary way. I think I … [Read more...]

Thank You Thursday–Monica Loves Coco


Hello, I had a packed morning schedule today and just got home in time for lunch and some quality blogging time. I made Sunflower Butter & Jelly toast with an egg patty for breakfast. Don’t let the plate fool ya, I totally ate this in the car after this picture was taken.It’s Thank You Thursday – a time when I get to thank all the cool stuff in my life. Thank you I Can’t … [Read more...]